The feet are one of the parts of our body that we usually care less. In fact, rarely we care about them. Clearly, women are most pay attention to them. For this reason, many sites offer the famous pedicure, a cosmetic treatment that aims to beautify the feet. However, this type of care cannot be done every day since they are generally expensive and even risky. In this regard, it is very important that the instruments used are sterilized and maintained. Otherwise, you run the risk of contracting diseases and infections, such as fungi.

Actually, it is best to take care of our feet. In this way, we will keep you healthy, plus they will look beautiful. In this sense there are different remedies or tips are very easy to perform, plus they generally do not require us to spend large amounts of money. As if that were not enough, we will be safe and quiet, as we will not expose possible infections.

However, it is important to remember that it is always advisable to visit a specialist to check our feet and detects some averages that we have. In addition, we will surely give some advice. Then you then are some tips to help you care for your feet and keep them healthy. Put them into practice and see the results very soon. Remember that one beautiful foot speaks highly of you and your health.

Wearing the right shoes

One of the most important recommendations is to use appropriate footwear. Many people do not usually worry about it, so usually choose shoes that should not be used. It is best to opt for comfortable, roomy shoes and therefore do not tighten our feet. It is also important not to abuse the shoes or sports shoes, as the materials that are usually made in some cases encourage sweating and odor. So it is recommended to alternate use with casual shoes. Finally, one should not abuse high heels or shoes. This can cause serious damage to our heels and our position in general.

Choose the best socks

Like the type of footwear you use, they are very important too socks we are accustomed to using. They should avoid those tight clothing or too tight and are made of synthetic materials like polyester. As is well known, this type of material increases sweating and odor, which can encourage the emergence of fungi. The best are the cotton socks, which absorb sweat and allow our feet to be cooler, dry and breathe better.

Be careful when walking barefoot

To avoid injury and infection, it is not advisable to walk barefoot in public places where many people usually happen. In fact, this is not recommended even in our homes. It is better to use some kind of footwear like sandals bathroom break or slippers. Another very common practice for us to nothing good is barefoot bathing. In public places this can be very dangerous as it causes in some cases our feet acquire an infection or fungus. As mentioned, it is better to wear sandals bath at all times.

Surfaces that is good for our feet

Contrary to the above, a highly recommended option is to walk barefoot on grass, sand or secure sites. In this way, we will help our feet have better circulation, and they will feel free and relaxed, without something to the press. Even some slightly rough surfaces can give us a pleasant feeling, as if it were a massage.

Baths and foot massage

When our feet feel swollen or tired, several remedies can help us. It is best to dip our feet in warm or hot mixed with products such as lavender water or lemon. Besides that, you can give light massage that will relax our feet, and the make you look better.

Use cosmetic products

Another excellent recommendation is to use cosmetic products that help us make our feet feel and look better. In this sense, after bathing we must apply moisturizer all our feet, giving a light massage. It is very important to apply a greater amount of cream on the heel, which is usually a favorable area for the appearance of calluses. In addition, you can use other products such as deodorants or powders that refresh and keep our feet dry. However, it is important not to abuse the latter.

Remove calluses

In the event that our feet have calluses, it is best to use a file or porous stone that helps eliminate them. In fact, there are currently for sale electrical products that fulfill this task more easily. Just remember that when using them must be careful because misuse can cause injuries.

Buy templates

Templates are also helpful when taking care of our feet . Besides that correct our posture, prevent injury or discomfort. There are of varying quality and prices, so it is best to consult a specialist who will tell us what is best for our case.

Caring for toenails

Nails are a part of our feet, which we must also pay attention to them. At all times the nails must be short. Otherwise, we can have problems with them, as some are usually buried if they are not cared for. As we know, an ingrown toenail becomes very annoying and painful, sometimes sparing walking. Cut your nails regularly will prevent that, and it will give them a better look at our feet.