Cigarettes, coffee, fatty foods, abundance of food and alcohol, these are the key elements that are sometimes abused and who are responsible for what is commonly called an “upset stomach.”

More serious illnesses

You should know that in reality, the liver attacks do not exist. When it is touched, is that we are suffering from more serious diseases such as hepatitis and not just a temporary crisis. Nevertheless, it is he who is responsible for many functions of our body and if it goes wrong, many related symptoms may appear as fatigue, sleep problems, itchy skin, increased sensitivity to cold, of asthma.


Crises themselves are rather due to a malfunction of the gallbladder (which often causes pain in the right shoulder, stomach pain, vomiting) to stomach ulcers or gastric reflux (often calmed by the medication) or intestinal problems (manifested by gas, abdominal pain, sarcophagi, belching, diarrhea or constipation).

Liver en-forge: Symptoms

However, without a crisis, the liver may be congested. We feel so digestion problems, a feeling of heaviness in the region of the liver. In this case should avoid eating certain foods such as stews, fried foods, fatty meats, white sugar, foods containing additives, alcohol, at least for a few days or a few weeks, time that the digestive functions correctly resume their duties. When you drink alcohol, drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and all the unpleasant effects that accompany it.



To take care when ill, it is suggested, of course, watching your diet, but also to take capsules or teas artichoke thistle husband or Bold, and put a hot water bottle on her stomach to activate the functioning of the liver, this organ both hard and soft, loves to keep warm.

A healthy liver

A healthy liver is a great fighter against all harmful elements in our environment: pollution, chemicals, additives, food more or less recommended, microbes, viruses. It takes away their power to avoid it reaches our body, as it allows vitamins, proteins and minerals to carry out their work in all the organs of our body. It is therefore important to keep as healthy as possible, even to eliminate from our diet that we know evil. First place: junk food.


The body is well done. If we listened more, you realize all the signals it sends us a meal after which we will not, as fatigue, swelling, dizziness, feeling of fatigue, nausea. It only takes a little willingness to change our habits!