Swollen legs , with tingling and stiffness, how many women, even young people, happen to suffer from this disorder so typically feminine, especially during the summer ? It ‘a shame, inevitably the time of year when most would like to show off your legs, and where fashion compels us to discover them thanks to mini dresses, shorts and skirts billowing, we find ourselves in the evening, just as we prepare for a beautiful evening night with friends or with your partner, with your legs as heavy as boulders and trematodes. But it is not so much a problem of an aesthetic nature, this is in fact the only side effect, it is rather a consequence of poor circulation . Let us look at the causes of swollen legs in the summer and how to find relief from this disorder.


Swollen legs in summer: the causes

The causes of swelling that plagues our legs when the outside temperature increases are related to distillation and a defect in the venous circulation device. Anyone suffering from water retention and cellulite, you will notice that in the summer the problem seems to “swell”, literally. It happens that because of the heat outside, the blood that arrives to the lower part of our body also because of the force of gravity, no longer able to rise towards the heart , so the vessels dilate and the blood stagnates. The end result is just heavy with edema causing cramps and tingling, especially in the portion that goes from the calf to the foot. What can you do to avoid these legs in the shape of sausage?

Swollen legs in summer: change the style of life

In summer, when the problem of swollen legs becomes unbearable, it is imperative to have willpower and change their lifestyle. Starting from supply. To ban canned foods, spicy , fried, too sweet, too much processed and high in fat, and especially the salt. Attention to the sodium “occult”, that contained in the bouillon cubes, in some prepared foods in the pizza, the cheese and the seasoned sausages. Also moderate alcohol will be needed. Conversely, drinking lots of water is not the usual advice applies to all seasons, because really the most natural beverage helps us to drain fluids, as well as to a desiderata. Green light for fruit and vegetables in juice, centrifuged and fresh herbal tea warm. But diet is not enough, even the physical activity is essential. Making of motion, as beautiful walks at an accelerated pace or cycling, not to mention the benefits of swimming and water aerobics, will be the best ally for our legs.