The female body is linked to hormonal rhythms that regulate the balance of the body: one of these is the weight! Not surprisingly a critical period is one in which the flow appears, in which often feeling cumbersome and suffer from water retention. On the one hand it feels more swollen and on the other you have more hungry and craving for sweets. Here’s what to do!

Food and mood

in those days our weight and our moods are ever changing: women are more nervous, irritable, tired and weak. For this reason it is essential to proper nutrition , made ​​of substances that promote well being, energy, but without compromising the line. First of all you need a proper rhythm power always making breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. Times are important and should be as regular as possible; should separate, also, the carbohydrates from the protein by dividing them in the course of the day. Bread, pasta, rice should be eaten for lunch and for dinner are preferred protein of meat and fish. Draining During menstruation is easy to feel swollen due to low levels of progesterone, the hormone that affects the lymphatic system on the microcirculation and on thyroid function. This increases the water retention and the feeling of heaviness in the legs and belly. To eliminate the accumulation of fluid you need to drink a lot and eat fruits and vegetables .


The salt should be eliminated or reduced by our kitchen, and should be avoided red meat, sausages and fats, which weight and slow down the digestion. Passion for sweets during the cycle Many women experience a greater propensity for sweet foods, pizzas and bread. These cravings are caused by small hypoglycemia, where the level of sugar in the blood decreases more frequently. Sweet foods and those made ​​from white flours offer a false solution: pop up blood sugar, but drops back quickly. So if you want a snack, it is best to choose whole grains, complex carbohydrates into sugars which have a release slower. The desire for sweet can be satisfied also with certain fruits such as pineapple.

Finally, it is given a small square of chocolate fudge day. more serene and less swollen To counter the negative mood and sense of heaviness is recommended magnesium , which improves resistance to fatigue and vitamin B6, which is involved in the synthesis of certain neurotransmitters. Against irritability are indicated teas lime, lemon balm and passionflower. typical day during the days of the cycle, the typical food day should begin with a cup of green tea and 3 biscuits with jam with berries. At mid-morning juice of citrus fruits, and for lunch 70 g of whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce, zucchini and steamed green beans and a wholemeal roll. A snack a slice of pineapple and mixed vegetable soup for dinner without potatoes and beans, a slice of grilled veal, salad and a small square of dark chocolate. Before sleep finally a tea to lime.