Approximately five million German suffering from hyperhidrosis of excessive sweating and not just in a stress situation. Causes and Facts

People who suffer with wet hands, in most cases, suffer not only physically but also mentally in this situation, because each greeting can be a gauntlet run. Too large, the embarrassing moments are other people to shake hands with his problem and to give price. Not infrequently, these people pull completely out of the public and also often get problems at work and in professional life. Therefore, most people suffer greatly from an increased sweat production on the palms.

Sweaty hands are normal in certain situations, so just entered puberty at increasingly young people on these symptoms and even in stressful situations, many people react with wet hands. Because even the people of your profession have often wear gloves often suffer from this problem. People who work in construction, such as workers in a demolition companies have often occupationally sweaty palms .


Even doctors, firefighters or other professions have to suffer due to the wear of labor protection and safety gloves often wet hands. There are many ways to address this problem and several treatment methods, in any case, however, should see a doctor and have no fear, for he is familiar with such problems and can help in the treatment.

When sweat is pathologically?

Sweating is actually quite normal. People sweat during exercise, at work and on the move, even in the summer when it’s hot, we sweat more. But about 5 million people suffer from hyperhidrosis. Due to the doctor can be explained by a medical history to find out whether there is increased sweat production.

What treatments are available?

* Measures without medical background
* Sweat
* Sweat glands surgically removed
* Botox Treatment
* Iontophoresis
* Sympathectomy

All these measures are determined by a physician in the form of a treatment. However, it should be noted that only the removal of the sweat glands promise a 100% success. but this should only be the last option of attending. In a small excessive sweating also help creams and ointments or the popular home remedies. They may be the use of sage, rubbing alcohol and oak bark decoction of success.

Sage is taken in the form of tea and to the morning and evening to reduce the production of sweat. Also, rubbing alcohol, which is the morning, afternoon and evening, rubbing his hands, may be a promising treatment. Oak bark decoction is boiled and then to the hands bathed in the evening, this should always be scalded chilling as allowing its effect is best deployed. Further information on the treatment and causes of welding hands are available here.