To Renée Zellweger has filled the pages of all the newspapers, but not the last, in order of time, of the cases of people with Pinocchio have gone down a bit heavy. Shocked, the tabloids are questioning why a tool that should be used to improve and correct a defect becomes a mania, or worse, in the desire to become someone else. Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine are responsible for correcting any defects, harmonize and improve the image and, in the case of cosmetic medicine in particular, to provide to our skin those substances naturally present and guaranteeing a youthful and healthy but that with time, stress and bad habits can be less.


Not only fillers and Botox, then, but a whole program designed specifically, after a careful and personalized screening, to accompany the patient on a path of overall well-being, which is reflected in the physical appearance. That said, a number, albeit content (something like 10% of the patients of cosmetic medicine and a 20% of those of cosmetic surgery), once embarked on a path “forgiveness” literally control and end up becoming slaves to a desire of change that reflects a deep state of mental distress .

The causes may be different: a deep insecurity, leading to a dysmorphophobia, or when a subject is focused so phobic about a particular warning a fault and has a huge perception; or discomfort hatched over the years and linked to traumatic events experienced in the past; or even the simple but dangerous fear of aging and the inability to accept the changes of the body. Finally, someone addiction retouching is like that by shopping: a way to fight boredom and dissatisfaction of a life very satisfying.

Whatever the causes, the difference often does the doctor. A good doctor or cosmetic surgeon does not just fulfill the demands of the patient, but currency with him the extent of the defect, always having such (irregular does not necessarily mean bad), the expectations and the path to take, proposing when possible alternative solutions. In addition, the doctor needs to know to put vetoes, explain exactly what will be the outcome of the intervention and protect the patient, especially if they perceive fragility and recklessness. Another risk is related to the patients who come to the cosmetic surgeon to fulfill a desire of the partners : if one part is legitimate desire to please their partner, on the other hand we must not underestimate the impact, aesthetic and psychological, of a cosmetic surgery. Not to mention that the equilibrium and stability, personal and torque, go to self-acceptance.