Getting pregnant can often be the easy part. Once you have a bun in the oven, you need to ensure you are doing everything you can to help your baby’s development. Here are the best ways to support your child’s development during pregnancy.

Go to scans

You need to ensure that you are attending scans so that the practitioner can check your baby is developing correctly. It might be hard to get the time off work, but they should be okay about it if they know that you are expecting. Scans are great for seeing how your little one is developing, but it’s mostly good to ensure there are no defects.

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Stick to a healthy diet

Another way to support your baby’s development and ensure you are keeping healthy is to stick to a good diet during your pregnancy. The baby will consume anything you eat so stay away from those bad takeaways. As it says here, you should eat as many fruit and vegetables as they protect your baby’s brain from damage. You should also be drinking more water during your pregnancy. Cut out alcohol from your diet while you are pregnant as it can cause defects in the baby’s development!

Take extra vitamins and nutrients

It’s time to support your baby’s development by ensuring you have vital nutrients and during your pregnancy. Folic acid is crucial to help your child develop properly. A lot of doctors recommend you start taking it before you even start trying for a baby. You should also ensure you are getting enough omega 3 in your diet for your baby’s health. You may need to take supplements for this. Another supplement you may want to take is choline, no longer classified as a B vitamin, which boosts a developing baby’s brain.

Cut out smoking

To help support your baby’s development, you should quit smoking during your pregnancy. If you do smoke, it can fill the fetus’ lungs and can often lead to them being born at a smaller size. Often babies whose parents smoked during pregnancy can end up developing asthma later in life. Talk to your doctor if you feel you need help to cut out smoking.


Reduce stress

Another way you can ensure your baby develops in your womb is to seek to reduce stress in your life. As this feature reveals, stress can cause a child’s brain not to develop as well. They can feel that they mother is getting stressed out, so it can stress the baby out. Try and relax during your pregnancy by taking up yoga and spending time chilling out. Ask to leave work earlier if you are finding it too mentally and physically stressful.

Keep cool

You can often feel hot during your pregnancy as you are carrying around an extra weight along with you. But try and keep cool and don’t over-exercise during your pregnancy. If you overheat, it can cause damage to the baby’s brain development.

Looking after your baby while it is in the womb is just as important as when it’s born.