The sunshine has many benefits, but equally we know should always be read in low dosages. Sunstroke is not an easy thing. An excess of exposure, in fact, could also cause a insulation, or overheating of the body temperature. This is imputable to the fact that our consistency has an endurance limit of the solar rays, above which goes into hyperthermia and is no longer able to bring out that sweat necessary to correct the internal high temperature, and so inevitably reached the fever (which can climb up to 40 °). The position may worsen in the event of environmental passion, which expands the body: in these cases there is a peril of even damage the body’s critical functions.



How is the sunshine? First of all, it detects excessive heat of the skin and, as I looked forward to, is the fever high. Rashes on the skin can be formed, but also bubbles, resulting in itching and burning. Are not exempt the eyes, which are much affected by tearing or, or excessive sensitivity to illumination. And so in that respect are other symptoms, ranging from headaches to dizzy, dizzy with fainting. And again, intense sweating , thirst (most of the time too), nausea , vomiting . Many are convinced that the diarrhea is a symptom of sunstroke: in reality it is not proper, but it is rightful that a long exposure to the sun can contribute to such disorder.

Duration and remedies

How long can you last? It depends on the severity level of insulation (which is directly proportional to the exposure time): if it is a light thing will disappear within a few hours, if it is more serious than the duration will inevitably be higher. What to do when you perceive the first signs? First, you need to move to shadow. Then it would be to undress (completely) to allow the skin to breathe and drink lots of water to combat dehydration fresh. The water will serve also to make compresses to the forehead and temples.

Children and pregnant women

Those who need to pay more attention to sun exposure, to avoid consequences such as insulation, it is mainly children and women in pregnancy. For both it is therefore advisable only in small doses and at times when the rays are not particularly strong. And also to the eye look: prefer light clothing and light, which combine maybe a nice hat that protects us from sunburn.