Exposure to the sun can have negative consequences for our skin. Brown spots may occur due to photo-sensitivity, hormonal changes or inflammatory states. Let’s see the causes and how to fight unsightly sunspots.

In summer many people enjoy sunbathing, which gives the complexion a healthy color and certainly makes you feel more beautiful. But in some cases, exposure to the sun can cause unsightly discoloration on face and body , which if not disappear within a short time, it is important to have it checked by a specialist. At the base of these spots on the skin there may be different problems, let’s see what and what can be done to combat the problem. The dark spots at the base of the hyper pigmented patches that appear during or after sun exposure there may be three causes : hormonal changes, inflammatory conditions and use of photo-sensitizing medications or supplements.


* The patches from hormonal changes are common especially in women subject to fluctuations in the level of hormones in the blood, for example during pregnancy, menopause, or for the use of oral contraceptives. Even the poly cystic ovaries can cause dark spots. Usually the areas that are most affected are the chin, forehead, cheekbones and the part between nose and upper lip.
* The ‘post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation you have as a result of repeated small traumas such as rubbing, scratching or waxing, followed by exposure to the sun, or if you take the sun during certain diseases such as acne and follicular.
* In other cases, the dark spots depend only use of photo-sensitizing medications or supplements, that is sensitive to sun exposure. The products are most at risk: St. John’s wort supplements and bergamot, certain antibiotics, anti-inflammatory.

The bright spots

Iin some cases the spots stand out from the rest because of tanning are clearer, the main factors are the satyriasis verses color, the constitutional conditions.

* The satyriasis versicle fungus also called sea is a yeast that lives on the skin and in some people, due to excessive sweating, heat and humidity proliferates and becomes aggressive, forming patches that initially may be dark but in the end and turn into bright spots. These are spots that spread on the neck, shoulders, arms and back, but are not contagious.
* In other cases, the bright spots are caused by constitutional conditions present from birth . The most common is associated with atop y satyriasis Alba, which can affect three zones: skin, upper respiratory tract and gastrointestinal tract.
* The idiopathic gutted hypnosis is another condition responsible for white spots, caused by a chronic damage to melanomas and dermis to excessive sun exposure. Unlikely to cure the disease, but is attenuated if one is exposed to the sun.

The cures

If the stains are caused by external factors, such as medications and supplements then just delete them, if the fault is not always inflammatory treatment is necessary, and if the base there are hormonal changes should be assessed with the specialist for specific treatments . In case of pityriasis the dermatologist can prescribe creams, powders, foams or gel-based antifungals, to be applied locally, while in the presence of atopy are usually prescribed emollient creams and protective. In all cases, one should limit the exposure to the sun.