What is the best diet? This question often arises succeed when you decide to go on a diet. There are some schools of thought, let us together to understand the properties and benefits of one and the other, so that everyone can make the right choice according to their physical characteristics.

A calorie level, the two foods are not very different. Honey provides 304 kcal per 100g against the 392 of the sugar, but be careful: the honey has a specific gravity greater then a teaspoon of sugar may have fewer calories, but it is also true that honey has a higher sweetening power (30% more sucrose) and then, to sweeten serve fewer grams. Honey is composed almost exclusively of fructose, is rich in minerals, vitamins and natural antibiotics. Compared to sugar is a food complete: among the desserts is the richest in sugar but also the only one to be completely natural. Using honey to sweeten hot drinks, yogurt or sweet, the sweetness is reached quickly: summing up we ingested fewer calories than what we would have taken using sugar. A great advantage of honey is that it is easily digestible and does not require large digestive processes in our body.


The fructose, which, as we said before, is its main ingredient, has emollient properties that can relieve throat irritation and alleviate the cough. It also suitable for those who play sport at the highest level. A teaspoon first, to charge us, and one after to recover the energy consumed, also excellent for mental activities, is good for the brain and nervous system. White sugar instead, contains mainly sucrose than fructose which can cause an increase in the level of glucose in the blood. Diseases such as diabetes and obesity, may occur more easily if you consume sugar in high quantities. In general, if you are in good health even sugar can be disposed of without any problems.

Honey and ‘definitely healthier sugar, but in any case we must always be mindful of the amount, stay within the caloric relations, whether sugar or honey ago however you fat. With these tips, you can decide how to sweeten your coffee, but remember that bees make approximately 60,000 flights to produce a pound of honey … this must be granted.