Many people are assaulted by sugar cravings that destroy in a few minutes all the efforts of a day (or week) to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. But there is good news: there are tricks to overcome these sugar cravings. What are they? And most importantly, how to integrate them into our daily lives?


It is obvious that the first thing and the most important thing is the will. If we do not make any effort to control his desires, they do not disappear. In fact, we must above all learn not to completely eliminate sugar from our diet, because our body needs it! It is true that sugary foods are high in energy, but do not necessarily proscribe. It’s all about balance. The problem with sugar is that it is often linked to memories, or that he be given instead of comforting. It is especially our relationship with the sugar it is necessary to review first. Food is often synonymous with pleasure, but it should not become a compulsive need to manage stress or emotions.

Practical tips

It is true that sometimes, even if we are well aware of the “bad” reasons why we ingest too much sugar, it does not prevent them to throw us out of the packet of biscuits or jar of Nutella. To counter these episodes, it is often necessary to anticipate. For example:


– We do not keep anything in the house that we could crack: no chocolate bars, packets of biscuits or giant pots of ice cream. This is not to say that we should eliminate from our lives, but we buy our treat on occasion and individual packets. If you need to get dressed and go out in the snow for chocolate confectionery, we will think perhaps before the swallow!

– It does not eliminate carbohydrates from our diet: often it is the people who decide to ban starchy foods (bread, pasta, flour, potatoes, etc.) Who are more likely to throw themselves on sweets during their cravings. Our bodies need carbohydrates. It is better to eat a reasonable portion of pasta for dinner rather than throw it over the chocolate before bed.

– We try to satisfy the taste of sugar with another product, the better for us: fresh or dried.
– It ensures consume enough protein (animal or plant) at each meal. Proteins have a high satiating power. If your stomach is full, we tend to eat less sugar.
– It seems that sugar creates a form of addiction. To get rid of this, it is recommended to gradually reduce our consumption: it gradually decreases sugar is added (in tea, coffee, tea, etc.), Removing 1/3 of sugar in revenue.
– When a sugar craving appears, drink a large glass of fresh water: cold anesthesia a little buds,
thereby removing our desire.
– We keep healthy snacks nearby: fruits and vegetables, ready to eat.
– Chromium supplements and / or vitamin B can help to master the sugar cravings.
– It sucks on mints or chewing gum (unsweetened, of course).
– We brush our teeth with toothpaste very minty.
– When nothing else works, we authorize a diet soda or sweeteners in our hot drinks. It is best to get used to eating less sugar rather than replace it with another product, but an exception from time to time is not so bad.

Above all, we remember that sugar is not a product diabolical. It is completely banishing from our diet for periods shorter or longer (person) that triggers these famous rages. As with everything, we must avoid the extremes .