Disease of the century, stress poisons the lives of many people. However, it is possible to minimize the impact on our daily lives. How? Making choices. We offer a few solutions.

Stressed? Prioritize

Wanting to do anything during the day, you will increase your stress level. Make choices!

* In the morning, make a list. What are the main tasks to be performed today? Skip to care (twice), delivering an important issue, call the dealer to replace any part of your range are examples of tasks that can not wait.
* Then enter in your list, the elements that need to be made in the near future on a floor, formulate an important meeting.
* Finally, add the items that can be postponed until tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. It is not necessary for you to make blood bug for this report to be delivered in six weeks.
* Once your list compiled, and your priorities, those doing the more you weigh first. This task you off. Do it in the morning, arriving at work, while you are rested. You can then complete more easily. At the same time, you lower your stress level.



In the same vein, it is important to streamline your choices to limit the rise of stress. Evaluate the factors that increase your anxieties, your fears. Fear not deliver on time? Tackle the task. Overwhelmed? Delegate to a colleague capable of performing the task with minimal supervision. Busy schedule? Ask a relative, your partner for example, do some work, go to daycare, shopping, and more. You’ll be in a better position to accomplish important tasks while reducing your stress level.

Bring order

Looking constantly your keys, your documents? Bring order to your business and reduce your stress. Office, obtain binders, boxes, and indicate the following: urgent, to do can wait. By placing your documents in the appropriate boxes, you will reduce the time wasted searching this little paper, this important issue. And end of the day, review the contents of your folders and move, if necessary, the documents that will help you the next day. Make yourself at home. Using some decorative boxes that blend with your decor, drop the mail, invoices, flyers you want to keep for the week. Put your keys there? placing them in the box bills, you will not forget neither one nor the other, believe me? or anything else important. And creating this new habit, you will not forget anything.

Are you saying

Even if you’re full of energy, it will be impossible to do everything. However, it often happens that we accept to accomplish difficult tasks, lack of time. Learn to say “no” to confuse you in justifications. Ask a boost without fear of disturbing others, both at home and office. You sure? Start enlist the help of your family to do household chores. Then gradually instil the new way in your workplace. So you can better serve your needs.

Stop running

By trying to do everything, you may exhaust or forget certain tasks. Your energy will melt like snow in the sun. You will go straight to burnout. In compiling your list, identify related items that can make your work easier. You must go to a department of the company in order to deliver a document, take the opportunity to plan your next meeting. You must go to daycare? Go shopping at the same time. This will reduce the feeling of continuous agitation.

Learn to relax

Whatever the situation that increases your stress, take a few moments to relax. You can learn a relaxation technique, breathing or progressive muscle relaxation, for example. Out five or ten minutes, even if you do not smoke, or use some yoga techniques to relieve pressure. In addition to the time allotted for the break, give yourself a few minutes for periods of four hours to relax. You will feel better.


If your stress level is increasing day by day, allow yourself moments of pure pleasure after a sustained effort: a pajama party in a restaurant meal, a massage. Mark your calendars for a period of complete relaxation to better coordinate your actions at the appropriate time. You must ensure at least a little fun by day, week or month, depending on your financial means and the pressure that rests on your shoulders. Otherwise, exhaustion lurks in the medium or long term and whatever your level of energy.

Avoid toxic thoughts

“I do not have time to do everything. “” This task sickens me. “” I have to pick up the kids at daycare, but traffic is infernal. “So many thoughts that increase your stress level. Do not let the dark thoughts ruin your day. If you are in this position is that you have the skills to do your job. You are therefore able to carry out tasks to run in the required time. You just have to trust you. You see, it works!

Choose your friends

If stress affects you, surround yourself with trustworthy people whom you can confide in need. Empty your heart, once and for all and move on! However, do not account for people who you with their problems, complaints, advice more or less enlightened, or their miraculous solutions. Or write! Write what overwhelms you. Writing eases, do not judge and often helps find solutions.

Indulgence, please!

You do not grant any right to be wrong? Your requirements are high? Rigid? Do you need to be the best at everything? There is nothing wrong with having ambition, but you need to constantly exhausted? Undertake a little reflection. Be lenient with yourself. Determine your limits. You do not wear better. Tomorrow is another day Knowing plan your time in giving you small pleasures and fleeing the negative around you, you get to make choices to reduce your stress level. Surely you can not do it on the first day, but do not stress more, however. You reach your goal one day or the other.