Homeopathy is able to be of support in quitting smoking, also check for minor ailments involved.

In recent years, thanks to the awareness of the damage that smoking creates our body, quitting smoking has become an increasingly popular target for those who love the blondes. Since this is a real addiction to certain substances with which it comes in contact while you smoke, you must act with a proper detoxification, also psychological. It so difficult to quit smoking, but also to control and eliminate all other symptoms that are created: the anxiety and the stress of the lack of a vent or a habit, physical sensations such as nausea, bowel problems, insomnia or a general malaise. Here are some tips for using homeopathic remedies, by Dr. Daria Science, pharmacist and a graduate of the Medical Society. Intestinal Disorders Very subjective are the problems that you may encounter when you quit smoking. From phases of alternating constipation and diarrhea, a real difficulty in reactivating the normal intestinal functions.


For the first situation, where a regularization is required, it is advisable to assume Asa 5CH with dosage of 5 granules for two times a day, for four weeks. If it is necessary to reactivate the peristalsis of the intestine, it is recommended that the Vaccine in assuming the mother tincture 30 drops twice a day for a month. Upset stomach If you prevail are stomach cramps, nausea and even Take the tabacum 9CH 5 granules when you have these symptoms, even every 30 minutes, until the problem. With this assumption also delete any feeling of vertigo or dizziness is often related to previous utterances. Sleep disorders are among the most common disorders, it can happen to rest and sleep is not bad but also not even sleep. For states of insomnia, when you do not sleep or you sleep a few hours or drowsiness takes during the day, it is essential to find the balance. And advisable Nux Vomica 15CH assuming 5 5 granules just wake up and before going to sleep.

Make a loop of two months. If you are sleeping poorly, it is recommended that the Gelsemium 15CH, 5 pellets in the morning and 5 at night, to give back to sleep right peace and ensure a real rest states of anxiety if the anxiety door tremors and a bit of confusion, it is perfect Gelsemium 15CH, 5 pellets in the morning and 5 in the evening, it is also associated with some sleep disorder can cover both diseases. If you are feeling especially anxious and emotions to take over and this appeared with the decision to quit smoking, it is recommended to take 2 tablets when you feel the need. For any other symptom or for more information, it is always best to consult a specialist, a homeopathic physician who can give you more advice. In any case, the will is the main ingredient to finally quit smoking.