The stomatitis is an inflammatory process that affects the mucous membranes of the mouth. Among the targets of the disorder, then, there are the palate, the tongue, the gums, often associating to gingivitis, and the inside of the cheeks. In addition to painful (as all the problems afflicting the mouth, extremely sensitive), stomatitis tends to recur, especially when there is a lowering of the immune system, even if only seasonal or related (in women), to the menstrual cycle.


The characteristics and symptoms

Stomatitis can manifest itself in several ways: with the formation of canker sores (ulcers roundish and whitish that burn), or vesicles of herpes simplex (in this case to speak of heretic stomatitis); in its version from nicotine, defined so precisely because typical of smoking. Other symptoms may also be fever and swollen lymph nodes.

The causes and cures

What are the causes of this inflammation? Bacterial or viral infections, but the basis is always a poor oral hygiene , or at least poorly executed. For example, wearers of orthodontic appliances furniture are particularly prone to this kind of disorder, because less than perfect hygiene allowing bacteria to proliferate and infect the soft parts of the mouth. Even low levels of B vitamins (12, 6:01) can unleashed a stomatitis, as well as taking medication antibiotics , presence of caries untreated, hormonal dysfunction and diet too rich in spicy foods and processed (which fermentation, such as cheese, for example). Stomatitis tends to persist over time and does not resolve within a short period, usually takes a few days, and if the inflammation extends beyond the 15, then it’s time to see your doctor.

Natural remedies

More natural remedies that are common sense advice and prevention: heal the hygiene accurate mouth when there stomatitis in progress, avoid alcohol, coffee and cigarettes; follow a diet balanced, rich in fruits and vegetables high in vitamins. In addition to general advice on good daily habits, there are also natural allies real income in case of stomatitis.

The baking soda : effective against pain and discomfort, is able to counteract the acidity of the oral mucosa in the areas affected by canker sores, head of the painful symptoms. The advice is to do the rinses, with 4 g of baking soda and water (200 ml). Also excellent lemon, thanks to its high content of vitamin C, by the overstimulating action beneficial and healing, which may be the ingredient in mouthwash daily.