In winter we are all exposed to influenza, sore throat, runny nose and upper respiratory tract problems, but you can prevent them and try to spend this season in a calm and healthy? Yes, here’s some simple advice! Sleeping well is one of the first tips will surely to rest well, because a good night’s sleep will help you tackle your day, to be more careful and especially stronger, not only on the psychological level but also at the physical level. Try to choose a good mattress, one that is suited to your needs, including possibly orthopedic. Then there are also recommendations relating to feng shui, as regards the arrangement of the bed inside the room, the color of the walls, and on the sources of electromagnetic radiation that can damage your sleep. winter night is longer, let us sleep at least 7/8 hours, the hours are lost dampen the energy in our body and can make you irritable and nervous.


Increase the defenses of the immune system The immune system can be strengthened, so it is important to know the foods that this can be particularly useful, because they are rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Via the free milk , rich in calcium and phosphorus and conciliator natural sleep, both for children and for adults. Among the vitamins contained in it let’s not forget the A and the B-12. By choosing organic you make a conscious spending, because in it we should not find any residues of drugs used in breeding, but we should have a more healthy and drink healthy. Among the most important foods to fortify our body there is the whole fruit and vegetable sector with products of the season of course, free way to thistles, leeks, pumpkin , chard, turnips and all the cabbage family, persimmons, grapes , etc.. This season fruits and vegetables give us vitamins and antioxidants that can boost the immune system. The fruit is particularly suitable, as well as at the end of meals, as well as a snack, certainly preferable to snack too sweet or too fat!

Comfortable and practical as well as oily or all dry fruits, also easy to carry to work or school. every morning we start with the right load of energy: we have breakfast ! And rich with fruit, milk or yogurt, cereal, toast with jam and honey Down with the sedentary! Physical activity improves circulation, stimulates the brain and relaxes, remove excess toxins; stay “warmth” in the winter , lazy on the couch, is not exactly the correct attitude. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the enemies to which you have to fight to prevent example obesity, poor digestion, etc. physical activity is to be carried out consistent with the schedules of their work and family needs, but for example there you can keep in shape by bringing the dog out, we will be able to run and play with him! As well as cycling (dressed appropriately) even in winter! Or attend a swim on Saturday morning, along with their children. So, the alternatives may be different, but with a little bit of good will the winter can be enjoyable and above all, healthy!