With spring comes hand in hand with the desire to move, to dress light, like each of the mirror and take off the greyness of winter and Chiclets accumulated too cold. Then you choose one sport to get in shape, maybe to practice outdoors in the summer so get in top shape: It is never too early to work for the dress rehearsal! If your concern is which sport to choose, there bring for example some of the most followed, so that you can choose with more ease. I recommend always consider your needs, your body type, do not miss your preferences and then … put yourself in commitment and forth to practice consistently chosen sport to get in shape! The holistic disciplines, such as yoga, pilates or tai chi, allow you to practice in a gentle but effective. The muscles work without stress or strain, but keep the positions, the muscular work of maintaining the balance and, at the same time, regulated breathing and regular help to tone the entire body and to acquire a good lung capacity utilization. choose The Who wants to reshape your body and mind, for a total wellness.


The bicycle allows a constant aerobic workout, tones especially the lower part of the body such as buttocks and legs, it helps to eliminate excess fluids, so the retention and consequently cellulite that plagues many women. In addition, the respiration performed allows an improvement of the cardiovascular system and stress reduction. Do not forget that the bicycle is the ultimate means of transport anti crisis, which allows you to get to work and around town easily, quickly and cost. Alternatively, you can choose indoor spinning . choose who I love to move every day and wants to focus on the improvement of the legs and side B. The race is one of the sport to get in shape choicest of all: tones, free from stress, exercise breathing, improves the functionality of the entire organism and allows you to train consistently and almost zero cost. It is very important to choose the right shoes, which allow a comfortable pace and absorb the impact with the ground constantly.

If you have back problems or joint inferior to the race you prefer walking or jogging , lighter but just as beneficial. choose who I love being outdoors and has the perseverance to engage in a sport that can be practiced anywhere and at any time of the day. If you can not do without the music during your workout, choose a discipline for which the rhythm is the foundation: the real dance classes, such as flamenco or tango, a sport that combine basic musical and aerobic movement, such as the now widespread zumba, the bowka. These are sports that do not require special knowledge of dance, but allow you to move with energy, dancing choreography burns fat. choose who I want to dance, vent energy and burn calories while having fun at most. A little trick to match the choice of sport to recuperate in the form: it seems that make movement during the early hours of the morning conducive to decreased appetite and speed up metabolism . Follow these tips and you’ll get stances with satisfactory results in a short time.