Saliva has treacherous and vital tasks. Yet there are still over her mixed feelings.

For many football games you can see it: an action is once again the player next to it and spits. Why does he do it? Why do the athletes of all nations? If the demonstrative spitting attacks secret meaning? Yes. Saliva may be a sensitive subject, but it is something special. It contains the same substances destroy, such as blood and molecules that are harmful germs.

Even the vernacular reflects ancient knowledge

Probably leaked in the past why Gypsies from her newborn because she knew the effect of the juice of the spit. Even in the vernacular, it is still called “lick his wounds.” Proverbs have been doing all aware of the luck-bringing juice. It spits in their hands when you grab work, or a friend to spit over your shoulder when you wish him luck.

Saliva has many essential properties

Saliva has today still remains a bad image. It is time to rehabilitate this particular juice. Without saliva slips the food does not dry out the mucous membranes, which makes speech problems. But fortunately, a person produces about a half liter of saliva anyway per day. Once saliva flows more, sometimes less. When one thinks of his own favorite food, is one the mouth water. If one is excited to get a dry mouth. Will we be surprised, stays in saliva.


Straight men are very happy spitting

Even when sex is not spit anything. Despite the laudable qualities come from all the dripping wet kisses failed at least. And of all the acts of humiliation that is experienced as particularly humiliating spitting. If one breaks over the Spit head, one wonders, why are men so generally happily spit. Perhaps because women had the past millennia, the function of keeping the area clean, while the men defended. Among other things, with a sizeable spitting. The chewy texture of saliva can be used for territorial marking very well indeed. Maybe want to show footballer after a disappointing campaign at least their dominance and mark their territory with spit claims. Or are they just spit out their anger at the defeat at the football field. According to the sex research is difficult and stressful it down, swallowing effort.

A Stone Age reflex

Whether a stone-age or very natural reflex in the Middle Ages people spitting all over the impartiality of the street or under the table. Only by the civilization and the pulse-restraint began to outlaw the spit. However, the intimate juice came only recently being reinstated. Evolutionary biologists see in kissing a kind of biological partners check. Through the exchange of saliva during kissing the immune system of the partner is perceived. The more diverse it is, the more likely result is a immune system connection. Possible progeny were more resistant to disease and thus had the better chances of survival.