Ginseng of the water are called the blue-green algal filaments in the Far East and also almost every stumble sooner or later the spirulina algae.

Ginseng of the water are called the blue-green algal filaments in the Far East and also even those who set themselves apart not so much the topic of dietary supplements, sooner or later stumble over the spirulina algae.

Plankton from Hawaii

Spirulina pacifica hawaii plant plankton is from Hawaii and combines one of the largest concentrations of nutrients. This free-floating spiral threads of about 0.01 mm in diameter that develop only in alkaline water, at temperatures of 30-35 degrees Celsius occur, so in a medium where there are no other creature, and thus it can not pollute, . In a special “ocean-chilli-process” these algae are only 4 (!) Degrees C dried, because only such a gentle processing guarantees, that will keep all the valuable ingredients.


Impressive research and study results

In America, of the Japanese Society for Immunology is a multi-year study by the UC Davis University, CA has been published which has shown that spirulina has Immuno a modulation effect on the human body. The study was inspired by findings by which hens showed an increase in the secondary antibody activity and an increase in natural scavenger cells after Spirulina was added to their feed. Further studies showed that Spirulina was generally a very strong influence on the immune system in very many other animals.

Now the university studies at UC Davis, CA demonstrated in human blood cells that spirulina may increase interferon gamma up to 13 times. Gamma interferon augments the natural anti-viral and Anti-cancer immune cells in the body. The study also confirms that the secretion of spirulina three different cytokines periferen of mononuclear cells increased in humans, namely interleukin 1, interleukin 4 and interferon gamma. It was further stated in the study that spirulina anti-tumor immunity or “enhancement” function does. The result has been noted that the number of killer cells increased after 2 weeks of taking Spirulina extract. In the ensuing discussion there was consensus that Spirulina contains a substance that the immune system-based (such as natural scavenger cells and macrophages) are activated. The investigations are continuing to explore all the secrets, but today, Spirulina is in every way a powerful tool in cancer prevention.

Getting used to

Who does not initially Spirulina tastes, it is recommended that the intake amount of initially 3 tablets a day gradually increasing to up to 10 tablets daily. Medical studies have shown that the effect remains unchanged, regardless of whether all tablets in the morning or they will be taken throughout the day.