Sudden changes in temperature, air conditioners and air currents are all factors that can promote infections of the throat in hot weather.

The sore throat is a common disorder that affects everyone, it is an inflammation of the oral cavity that generally indicates a reaction by the body to defend itself against external aggression. In winter it is also one of the symptoms that accompany colds and fever, but it is not uncommon that you present even in summer: a sore throat in the warm period may be favored by changes in temperature and air currents . strongly conditioned environments such as shopping shops and offices have an oscillation of temperature ranging from 10 to 15 degrees with respect to the external environment. The body makes it hard to get used to these sudden changes, especially if we think that happens several times a day to have to go into environments with air conditioning at most.


Sometimes reacts with inflammation affecting the larynx that starts with a slight burning sensation during swallowing. other causes of sore throat are summer air currents that are formed by driving with the car window down or for use fans and the improper operation of the filters of air conditioners, if not performed a deep cleaning, may become hotbed of bacteria, dust mites, pollen and fungi. All these factors favor the development of infections that occur with difficulty in swallowing, burning sensation in the throat, cold light, which can then also be exacerbated by fever and plaques. How do you cure the sore throat that is contracted in the summer is in most cases very mild in nature and therefore treatable with counter products that do not require a prescription. Are sufficient drugs to local action based antiseptic to treat the infection and anti-inflammatories and painkillers to ease the pain and burning sensation.

Preferable sprays and mouthwashes because they release the active ingredients directly to the affected area without any side effects to the stomach. If the pain is intense, there is the presence of plaques or a sore throat has bacterial origin, we must intervene with more attention by being checked by your doctor who will decide the best treatment according to symptoms. It ‘should not be underestimated in order to avoid the situation that there is a chronic disorder. Cured second nature for those who prefer to rely on alternative treatments, the first symptoms of a sore throat you should act quickly with natural remedies to soothe inflammation. Here are some that can be very useful.

* Infusion of red elm: in herbal medicine is its dried bark with which prepares a drink to drink several times a day. Very effective against irritation of the oral cavity.
* Decoction of ginger: Infuse 2 cm fresh root in a cup of boiling water. The active ingredient that acts is the gingerol, an excellent natural anti-inflammatory also referred to counteract the symptoms of colds.
* Gargling with apple cider vinegar and water: the taste is not very pleasant but this remedy acts against inflammation of the throat and disinfects the mouth.
* Honey and lemon: a mixture with these two ingredients gives instant relief and helps to soothe the throat, thus helping to stop the itching that often also causes coughing.
* Fumigations with essential oils: the steam penetrates the respiratory system and is great for thinning mucus. The addition of essential oils associated with the treatment also antiviral action. For these properties are great those of peppermint, rosemary, bergamot, black pepper, lemon balm, tea tree oil, lemon and pine. For fumigations enough to boil a liter of water, remove from heat, add 3-6 drops of essential oil and cover. Let stand for 2-3 minutes, then pour the water into a basin, bend above breathe deeply.

Prevention is always better than cure , this also applies to the sore throat summer. There are simple practical tips to follow to protect themselves from possible causes that can result. For example, if you travel on public transport or work in an office very air-conditioned remember to take with you a scarf or a lightweight. If you go to the sea avoided to keep the costume on him wet and dry hair before entering the car window down or air conditioning could favor the sore throat.