This is the evil of the century! But there are simple ways to prevent against back pain and lower back, as the adoption of good posture.

In France, 30% of children and 50% of adults suffer back. 90% of illnesses were caused by diseases of the back. Lumbago, sciatica and herniated discs are responsible for several million days off work. In severe cases, the only solution is surgery with all the risks deriving from the proximity of the spinal cord and sciatic nerve. Before coming here, there are ways to know prevention.

Use good posture to avoid back pain and lumbar

The heavy lifting is a predisposing factor for back pain. And very often the man (or woman) does not believe or do not take the time to adopt the correct posture for lifting a heavy object. What is it? To pick something up, wear a cardboard or something, it is important to squat and not to lean forward. We must seek the thighs and buttocks, and not his back. When it comes to storing a quantity of small objects fell to the ground, an alternative to the squat position is to lean forward, using a leg like a pendulum. The back does not bend in this case. Children and adolescents, who also have a satchel to carry too heavy for them, do not know to stand up straight. They are more or less flabby, whether on a chair or a chair. Or keep his back straight is also a good method of prevention!


Regular physical activity to muscle his back

All the doctors say, the practice of a sport of any kind can protect their health, including his back. When back pain is already installed, swimming remains a great sport.

Flexibility exercises and stretching to make every day

The following exercises are to be practiced every morning on waking. They only last five minutes, but their interest in your well-being is such that you can not do without.

Exercise 1: stretch his legs. Sitting on the floor, legs straight, you hold the balls of your feet a few seconds. The tension felt in the back is quite normal.
Exercise 2: stretching his back. Standing, you lean forward and try to grab your ankles (if you can go lower). Hold a few seconds.
Exercise 3: stretch the muscles of the thigh. Standing, you catch your foot as you return to your buttocks. Keep the posture time to count to 10. Release.

Naturally, you should absolutely not suffering from back pain to do these exercises. As for sports, warm up the muscles in the morning can increase flexibility. Your body will be more willing to make efforts without risk. And if you experience back pain or lower back, do not hesitate to consult a physiotherapist and an osteopath, two specialists fully aware of back pain and diseases that accompany it.