We all know that smoking is dangerous for pregnant women and their developing babies but NRTs also come with their own set of health risks for women who are expecting. While the health risks associated with smoking far outweigh those associated with using NRTs, the electric cigarette provides an even safer way to get yourself to kick the habit for good. For many women morning sickness may bring a blessing in disguise and put the woman off smoking completely. Once this is over however, many women find that their cravings to smoke increase, especially if they find themselves under a lot of pressure in the early stages of pregnancy.

Because they contain nicotine NRTs have been linked to low birth weight babies. We also know that tobacco use during pregnancy can result in serious complications like premature delivery, miscarriage and even stillbirth. Additionally women who smoke during pregnancy and those who live in a household with a partner who smokes have a higher chance of their children developing lung problems like asthma or dying from SIDS.

Because the electric cigarette is available without nicotine it offers pregnant women the safest and easiest way to quit, or continue with their habit. Electric cigarettes do not contain any harmful toxins or carcinogens when they are used without nicotine and the user only inhales water vapor.

Unlike most NRTs, electric cigarette reviews claim that these devices do not have any uncomfortable or debilitating side effects. Continuing with this habitual act, but without the chemicals of tobacco, means the body is used to the process. If you have other children you also do not have to worry about the dangers of passive smoke or the odors, as it is only water mist that is released by an e-cig.

For women who find themselves pregnant unexpectedly,electric cigarettes also offer you the chance to wean yourself off the habit by starting off with a small dose of nicotine and decreasing it gradually until you are not having nicotine at all. Some women find the easier withdrawal process helps them to quit for good while others enjoy e-cigs so much that they continue to use them once the baby has been delivered.

Electric cigarettes are socially acceptable now, although they look so much like the real thing you may expect a few surprised glances if you use it publicly while you are pregnant. Because they do not produce smoke you are also entitled to use them anywhere, even in non-smoking areas.