Often the nature comes in handy for the care of our body, even for line problems. L ‘use of slimming teas can be a great help to be associated with a more complete program of weight loss where of course you can not miss physical activity that speeds up the metabolism. If the main problem is not the water retention, better choose the herbs and products going to act in other directions as to reduce the absorption of fat or proper disposal of sugars that contribute to excessive accumulation and weight gain. To prepare for the slimming teas in the house is very simple, do not need special tools, we can then engage with these recipes. fucus Tea and Cherry To burn fat, this herbal tea is a valuable aid.


The kelp, seaweed a very powerful, it is a perfect fat burner that is associated with the cherry mixture also makes a pleasant drink for the day, the birch also helps to purify and dispose of fat. Find all herbal medicine. 50g of kelp 20g of cherry leaves 20g of birch leaves Mix together and use two teaspoons per cup of water. Heat the water with herbs, just bubbles off and let steep for 5 minutes, strain and serve. Sweeten with honey if you like. Herbal green tea and pink grapefruit Among the properties of green tea, is also to reduce the absorption of fat, if we associate it with the ginger and grapefruit, and stimulate further the effect is obtained herbal tea is perfect hot or cold. 60g of green tea leaves 20g ginger powder 20g of pink grapefruit peel best if dried to be mixed together, and only use 3 teaspoons per cup of water. Bring to a boil with the mix of substances, turn off and leave to infuse for about 10 minutes, strain and serve.