Painful part of many women, on the legs often settles excess fat and also cellulite. But how slim the thighs in a targeted manner, with good results, and above all how to keep them? If for fighting cellulite there a specific strategy to eliminate a bit of localized fat lose weight we need to think about your legs at the top.

Again, it is appropriate to act on several fronts because, as are several contributing factors, should be countered in the same way. Diet and nutrition Let’s start with what we take with food. If this is not the situation of a real strict diet, but only to remove excess fat on the thighs, better orientation on the correction of feeding behavior. To eliminate all animal fats, or butter, full-fat cheeses, whole milk and low-fat cheeses prefer to eat 2 times a week, skim milk or soy milk. Absolutely no fat dressings, better cooking grilled or steamed and used olive oil. Of course, the fried should be removed from the diet, no fast food and spirits and the like, given a glass of wine per meal. Then the favorite fat burning foods that can help you reach the goal.


Sports and Fitness Sports activities to go to act on the thighs are cycling, swimming, which also has a real modeling action due to the friction of the water and also running (or jogging) or brisk walk (walk fit.) If you want to practice exercises either in the gym or at home, there are several, here are the simplest and most effective. Squats Among the exercises for the legs 360 °, This bending can work well on top of the legs. Spread your legs as the width of the shoulders, now bend your knees bringing your arms in front of you (or behind the head) to maintain balance, without lifting your heels. Return to the starting position and repeat 10 times. From back them at least 3 or 4 series. variant is to do lunges, or standing, hands in life, take a step forward by bending the knee. This must be at 90 degrees with the floor and the leg that remains behind must be stretched (the heel raised well in this case), stay a few seconds in position and return.

To be repeated 10 times for each leg, at least 3 sets. chair You need a supporting wall. Sit at a distance of 30cm behind the wall, legs spread wide as your hips. Now lean back against the wall, use your hands as well as aid. Slowly ‘off’ bending the legs up to see you as you were sitting on a chair, stay for 3 or 4 seconds at the position and go back to the initial one. Even this exercise to be repeated 10 times for 3 or 4 series. variant more challenging the exercise is to develop in this way. When you are in the position of chair, roll out the first one and then the other leg straight in front of you and climb up. Creams and massage Being a part of very specific, the use of slimming creams, those who prefer to ‘melt’ the fat, can be a good adjutant in slimming your thighs, but especially the massage. If you can, have a massage specific, as professionals, can help to ‘break’ the accumulation of fat and stimulate the body to dispose of them better. In this case, remember to drink a lot, to help with the spill through the lymphatic system.