Fall in love with men unreliable, selfish, unloving but bearers of restlessness and frustration … and yet behind these men there are women stubborn to continue the relationship at all costs, giving himself more and more until you cancel themselves. And for these people render aid is a necessity for love. What lies behind this syndrome nurse?

Women absorbed in unhealthy dynamic, intense that for this same intensity, with absolute conviction, we tend to classify as love scripts of stories that some have experienced at least once in life, but there are those who constantly binds men with problematic every time the conviction of being able to change, transform and save. And for these women love men who make them feel bad is a real need for so feel important, useful and have the conferral to be worth something. The identikit of the woman nurse in love The woman nurse is usually:

* A woman devoted to sacrifice, not only in love but also in other areas of life;
* Pays little attention to her needs and expresses them ever;
* Living with guilt towards herself and always justifies the partners;
* Has no confidence in himself and does not feel worthy of the love of the other;
* Has a strong fear of abandonment


Who falls in love with

the nurse feels attracted to Dominique complex, fragile and needy type:

* Men cold, distant needy that express difficult feelings, are uncommunicative and emotionally are selfish in relationships
* Men with addictions to alcohol, drugs or similar
* People initially unable to make a woman feel necessary and then use it to own liking
* Partners who trust completely to his partner into believing that she is the solution of their problems.

What do you look for in a relationship these women?

The Red Cross in its relations research:

* The satisfaction of needs unfulfilled childhood and confirmations that he never received
* Fulfillment of the need for affection, received little or bad childhood
* The satisfaction of the desire for recognition, to feel important by consensus and appreciation of the other
* The need to save herself through a full and unconditional self-giving to the partner.

Behaviors that stem from childhood

Often causes that lead a woman to become a nurse are to be found in childhood and family of origin, where it is often grown up with the concept of worth little and not be worthy of love. So you build the idea that you can not receive love only by virtue of the person that you are, but the only way to be accepted and meet the needs of someone else. The common factor of these women is that they often have not been heard from small. What to do When all relationships are marked by this dynamic, maybe it’s time to consult an expert because only then you can understand the motivations from which this attitude. Often this psychological journey involves both individual sessions with a psychologist or group sessions that help them not to feel the only ones with this problem, to overcome the sense of loneliness and mirror in the other.