9 months of your pregnancy gone, you wonder how to recognize early signs of labor and when to go to maternity to give birth?

All moms are asking this question: “When should I leave for the maternity” ? Especially not overwhelmed by panic and anxiety. Several signs are there to help you recognize the beginning of your birth. But when in doubt, do not hesitate to consult, or go to the maternity ward! It is sometimes difficult to recognize the onset of labor, and it is best to consult a false alarm than arrive at the maternity about to give birth.

Signs to watch for a few days before delivery

* Slight contractions of late pregnancy are more frequent.
* The baby is down.
* Persistent back pain and increasingly painful.
* An unusual excitement, coupled with a desire to put everything away.

Signs of imminent delivery

The onset of painful contractions: During your pregnancy, you felt slight contractions, such as a pinch, which were to tighten your tummy. They were not very regular and very painful. Instead, heralding the birth contractions are more painful and more regular: they are similar to the pain of colic. Relax, do not rush to motherhood, early contractions occur every 30 minutes, they will be closer and more intense and regular. when back every 5 minutes and last 30 seconds, it is time to leave for maternity. It is mainly the regularity of your contractions will be your best signal. Remember the advice of your gynecologist, and depending on the distance to motherhood, it might be wise to leave a little earlier.


The loss of water: It occurs most often in early labor. A strange feeling comes over you, and you lose a greater or lesser amount of water. Do not worry, it happens most of the time indoors working, or is caused by the midwife who pierces the amniotic membrane. The loss of water is not accompanied necessarily contractions. If, however, this occurs when you are at home, it’s time to go to the maternity to avoid any risk of infection.

Loss of mucus plug: Consists of mucous and bloody secretions, it often goes unnoticed. His expulsion was due to the transformation of the cervix which dilates. This happens a few days to a few hours before birth. There is no need to rush to motherhood. Wait until the contractions are triggered.

Bleeding: The cervix in dilating, may break the small blood vessels and induce mild bleeding that have lead you to motherhood.

Latest tips

* If your health and fitness you can, continue to lead a normal life until the end of your pregnancy.
* Prepare with confidence the arrival of your baby.
* Prepare your suitcase and baby outfit.
* Enjoy the last moments of rest and quiet before the arrival of your child.
* If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact your midwife, obstetrician or maternity.