Nowadays, children are always more mature and gain their first experiences. Therefore it is important to speak in time with the children about the change in her body, over the friends and the possible dangers of sexual relationships.

The early course of events

Reduced inhibitions due to the sexual revolution of the 60s bring today’s adolescents freedoms, of which their grandparents and parents could probably only dream of. The media also play their part. But today there is almost no series in the afternoon program is not in the least kissed. Children and pre-teens more sex scenes ever seen on TV and pictures in magazines. Inhibitions, and the appeal of its own and the body of the girlfriend / friend to discover erotic nature, rises. The first sexual contacts are therefore often collected before puberty.


It “goes” with the / of a friend to the movies, holding hands and kissing on the mouth. Often under pressure from the peer group , the clique peers, but also under pressure from the media will be first intimate experience gained. 14 years of the pre-teens on average during the first kiss, with about 15 other sexual petting experience gained before the young people sleeping in the average age of 17.5 for the first time with the / a partner.

Change in the child’s body through to adults

Puberty is the period in which to develop the most self-doubts about himself and his own body. On the one hand, feels misunderstood, unloved, and physically unattractive. On the other, however, you need to conquer the whole world and feels superior to all developed and affectations like to provoke. It is located in an intermediate stadium between childhood and adulthood. The body changes significantly every day, the emotions go haywire, it is “grieved to death shouting for joy.”

Sit down together in quiet hours with their child and take part in his life. This can be quite quiet early, from the seventh or eighth year pass. There is no blanket rule for this, because children develop very differently. As a parent you will be able to wait for the moment well, because you know your child best. Often this helps the common view of a book. There are very clear readings that describe in simple terms the changes of the body, and illustrate with appropriate pictures. The whole thing looks at first glance, very funny, they laugh with their child about the new pictures and answer any question no matter how strange. Explain it step by step what will happen in the coming years:

When the girls grow breasts, the first rule is the average age of 12.5 years. Go with her daughter at the entrance of the first rule, a gynecologist who thoroughly checked the body and can also give you valuable tips. When the boy changed his voice, the body produces in the average age of 13.5 years, the first seeds, usually the first time in his sleep at the “wet dream”. But less “deliberate” changes in the body for a Council of Europe has. Blemished skin is just one of them here to learn more about acne.

First sexual experiences

A few years later, when her child has come into the age where that is no longer to set, or the same sex “stupid” or the / best friend, but suddenly “very sweet” has become, it is time to re-assemble and about things like sexual intercourse and in the same breath about contraception to speak – even if the time should not be relevant. Have you no shame, her children and to answer any questions arising out of and from his own first experience talking.

Educate your daughter about sex, and about what will happen here with the female body. Take her fears of the possible emergence of the first time, especially the fear of doing something wrong or need to have a lot of pain. With her son she will hold similar talks. He will not be as good as the girl was able to verbalize his feelings. Explain to him that it is important to be careful to talk to their partner and that it is ok if he’s excited and nervous.

Speaking in this context necessarily about possible methods of contraception like the pill and the condom and have your child point out that only the condom next pregnancy also protects against possible diseases. Tell your child properly and early on the joys and the dangers sexual intercourse. You are therefore to contact to talk to the children openly and honestly can because they know that they are accepted and understood. current 10 questions and answers about AIDS. Spoken more often and more openly about these issues is, the more natural you can deal with the child’s physical changes and the new exciting experiences and share them with others.