Sexuality during pregnancy should not be taboo. We must encourage dialogue between doctor and patient.

For years women, as well as men, wonder if it is allowed to have sex during pregnancy believing that the path to pleasure during this period is sometimes bumpy. It is the absence of specific medical advice on this issue that has complicated this belief.

Sex during pregnancy is a normal activity unless

They sound many couples who abstain from sex during pregnancy for fear that the same act that created the baby does not cause harm. But we must not forget that the baby is well protected inside the bag of amniotic fluid inside the uterus and it is unlikely to be injured during sexual intercourse moderates. In addition, prospective parents should remember that sexuality can be expressed in many ways without going through the penetration.

According to a study released yesterday by the Journal of the Canadian Medical Association , pregnant women who want to remain sexually active usually have nothing to fear for their pregnancy, unless the mother has a history of work or premature delivery , if the amniotic sac is broken, if there is bleeding, if the mother has placenta previa , a condition in which part of the placenta covers the cervix and if the mother or her partner is suffering from an infection sexually transmitted. Also, if the mother is expecting twins (or more), doctors recommend in these situations to limit sexual intercourse to prevent preterm birth, although no certainty proves a direct link between the two.


Message to the doctor and his patient

It’s a shame, sex during and after pregnancy is often overlooked, and few dare question their moms doctor about this. Similarly, during childbirth does not really address the sexuality of prospective parents. Eventually, they are told that the sexual life generally takes one or two months after the baby arrives. The partners, however, should not hesitate to ask questions, discuss their needs, concerns and desires openly and frankly. According to the health of the mother, the good progress of pregnancy , the doctor can best advise on the risks of sex. There is never a silly question so it’s best to learn! Finally sex during pregnancy should not be a taboo, and one of the objectives of this paper is to encourage dialogue between doctor and patient. We simply want to encourage the creation of an atmosphere where physicians and their pregnant patient will feel comfortable discussing sex.