The summer is too hot and you do not want gouging with air conditioning, but at the same time you want to stay cool ? Try to follow these tips!

Creme refreshing

In pharmacy There are creams refreshing to be always fresh, for example, the legs, the feet, but also for the face: to try!

Fresh towel

Wet a towel and place it to the face or arms or legs, keep you cool in a natural way and at no cost! Perfect if you are on your terrace and you want to stay fresh! Sleeping fresh There are sheets that cool the bed, one of the most well known brands (although more expensive) is the Sheex, a company that produces these sheets refrigerants.

Playing sport cool

There is a possibility to do sports so fresh, or buy clothing designed to be breathable, such as those of Columbia: from t-shirts to shorts, everything remains light on!


Fresh water

Water is also necessary to keep it fresh, so there are some great trade in thermos bottles, ideal for maintaining the temperature for several hours. Always read the label well to understand what type of water you are shopping, the residue at 180 ° C in order to have a drink suits your actual needs. Sun Hat The hat: a must-have this summer! There are versions panama, straw, fabric, etc. From kids to adults, all wearing hats in the summer, the choice is up to you according to the shape of your face and your personal tastes. Also perfect to combine with sunglasses, which will be safe for our eyes and protective sunlight, then attention to the acquisition, and the certainty that this brand has to offer.


If you can not go to the beach, the pool can be for you, however, important to use sunscreen to shield from UVA and the choice of places hygienically clean and safe.