Services provided by a pharmacy in Granby are very useful for health. The word “pharmacy” may designate the science and also the pharmacy.

Presentation of a pharmacy

The word pharmacy is used to designate the science that deals with the design, mode of action and the preparation and distribution of drugs. This science can also check the doses to be used. In addition, it is to the pharmacy to define cons-indications. In summary, the pharmacy is nothing but a part of medicine, chemistry and biology. Daily, pharmacy is a pharmacy. It is therefore seen as a storage and dispensing. This place is usually managed by a pharmacist who can take care of himself compounding under doctor’s orders. It can also keep track of the drug taken by the patient.


Roles of pharmacy in Granby

Pharmacy in Granby performs several roles, the main is to provide those in need, not only drugs but also health products. Among these include equipment intended only to pharmacists. Only the pharmacist can achieve compounding and processing of orders that patients call him. For the management of the pharmacy, one must be a pharmacist registered with the College of Pharmacists. In addition, you can go to a pharmacy for advice on healthy living, nutrition and also on many other topics related to health. However, it is possible to find non-medicinal products in pharmacies.

Regulation of pharmacy

Before opening a pharmacy in Granby, he should first learn about the regulations. In general, the pharmacy must belong to a licensed pharmacist. It will not be allowed to practice another professional activity as pharmaceuticals. It should be noted that only the pharmacist can not own more than one pharmacy at the same time. In addition, the pharmacy can be created with a status of a corporation, sole proprietorship or a partnership.