Like with like to heal, is the simple basic principle of homeopathy. But finding the right agent is an art.

Homeopathy is a gentle method of healing, but it is by no means free of side effects or on the principle “if it’s no good,’s no harm” must be used. The correct application of this complex requires medical knowledge and experience. Since it is difficult to assess themselves objectively, it is advisable to draw qualified homeopaths consulted to find the right remedy in each case.


In particular, the high C-potencies (the greater the dilution, the higher the potency and the more effective the agent) should be taken only after an expert medical history. A healthy person takes a homeopathic dose, you experience the symptoms, which the agent helps in case of illness. This is called drug testing and deliberately used to test new homeopathic remedies. Now, if a sick person takes the wrong means that does not fit on their symptoms, may also be a drug test and these new symptoms are added to the actual signs of disease. The not so highly diluted D-potencies are better suited for self-treatment, but could be up to a D 23 (the tincture was 23 x the ratio 1: 10 dilution), allergic reactions to certain agents. For example, if someone is allergic to arnica, this allergy can occur even when taking Arnica globules in a D-power.



On closer examination of the mode of action of homeopathy and know their personal limits, in some cases it is also suitable for self-treatment. For example, in the form of a

Homeopathic first aid medicine cabinet:

Arnica montana D3-D6: after accidents, acts against bleeding, bruises, sprains and strains. Even with painful cuts or abrasions.
Calendula officinalis D3-D6: with inflamed non-healing of cracks or abrasions.
Ledum palustre D3-D6: cause for injuries caused by insects, pins or thorns, the chills, redness, swelling or throbbing pain. Cool compresses relieve, heat worse.
Urtica urens D3-D6: burns and scalds, with sharp persistent pain.

If necessary, leave five globules of each agent to dissolve in your mouth. In acute cases, repeat after 30 minutes, an hour later. At the end of the accents of taking complaints.