The dentist or dental surgeon called plays a major role in the health of every human being. Whether it is for a child, an adult or a person of an older age.

Everything about the dentist Quebec

A dentist is by definition a doctor who conducted medical studies dedicated solely to everything about the mouth. So he treats everything on the mouth, the teeth, gums, jaw, the jaw bone and various tissues that are found in the mouth. The dentist typically works in Quebec hospitals, mutuals, social security, structures (large or small). It can also operate freely as in medical offices and be just an employee. In most cases, a dentist in private works specifically in services dental phobia and dental clinics.

The surgeries performed by a dentist are often under local anesthesia and sometimes quite difficult in cases they are made general anesthesia. To know about the avulsion of wisdom teeth that are badly and requires general anesthesia. In the case of a maxillary cyst or as a benign tumor. And also for people who suffer from dental phobia. The injection of anesthesia is different ways by an injection of anesthesia that are in liquid form and anesthesia gas is a safe sedation and hypnosis and self-hypnosis.

It often involves a dentist in Quebec to make dental care to pull a bad tooth that is unrecoverable. But in most cases the dentist always try to treat a tooth. Treatment is mainly used to keep any residual tooth substance. Then the doctor wants to restore a person’s full mastication function. Concerning the realization he follows the patient some simple treatment and sometimes requires surgery to learn to pose crown, implant teeth that have no root or have a root in a very bad state.


Nowadays, dentists have evolved and have more health intervention teeth each. So there are several functions that the dentist filled with changes including teeth whitening, the aesthetic poses teeth and root canal treatments.
Dentistry is divided into several branch as endodontics, implantology, orthodontics, periodontics, pediatric dentistry is a service for children. So that the dentists are each specialized in a service.


The dental service is a service that is responsible for care of the teeth and restore them. In particular, the dentist takes care of caries which is very bad for your teeth because it makes very moles teeth. For this kind of care he usually uses the composite, amalgam and glass monomer cement.


It is a branch that is parallel to that of dentistry. The dentist takes care of internal tissues teeth also called pulp. This pulp is removed to treat teeth that are sick. Most cases the pulp is necrotic.


To implant the dentist Quebec does not cure but it is responsible to replace or in other words to repair a broken tooth. The implant is a kind of screws that insert into the gums to replace the root of a tooth. This screw is made ​​of titanium and is fixed in the bone where the dentist fixes a prosthetic crown.