Personal hygiene is extremely important. Nobody likes being sat next to somebody on a bus who absolutely stinks! To boost your attractiveness and smell fantastic you need to follow these top tips. They will even help you stay hygienic and healthy, too.


You should be showering daily if you want to remain well cleansed. Over half the population do! Be sure to scrub everywhere with a good sponge and lots of soap or shower gel. Not everybody remembers just how important showering is to keeping yourself smelling appealing. Don’t be one of them! Making sure your hair is given a good wash is also important. A lot of the sweat your exude is from your head. So your hair often gets quite smelly if you leave it for a while! Use both shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair in the healthiest condition it can be.


If you suffer from bad breath, as some people do, then fear not. A shot of mouthwash each morning and evening will keep those nasty stenches away. The best time to take some is after having brushed your teeth. Which, incidentally, you should be doing twice-a-day for up to two minutes at a time. With mouthwash, fill the cap from the bottle and swill the liquid around your mouth for a good thirty seconds. Then spit the liquid back out into the bowl of your sink. Don’t swallow! Mouthwash can often taste very refreshing and minty. It’ll leave you feeling great afterwards and your breath will smell divine.

Wash Your Hands

Keeping your hands clean is essential to avoiding the spreading of germs. Be sure to cleanse them after each and every time you use the toilet, for example. You will need to use soap or hand wash to thoroughly cleanse your hands, simply sticking them under the tap won’t do. It’s also important to clean up your hands after eating, to avoid the smell of food odours. Nobody will think you smell fantastic if your hands reek of cheese! Be sure to clean up properly after sexual intercourse too. Those sorts of smells should be reserved for the bedroom. Respect other people and do yourself a favour by thoroughly washing your hands after you and your partner have finished.

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Using Latex Gloves

Another tip for keeping you smelling nice and staying hygienic is to use latex gloves when cleaning. You might be scrubbing your bathroom down or simply doing the washing up. But it is always important to protect your hands from the germs that you may uncover. There are a number of solutions for this. Medline Aloetouch Nitrile Gloves are used by professionals in hospitals and such to examine patients. They are therefore of the highest quality but can still be made use of in the home. These are a housewide solution to your cleaning needs and can even be picked up directly from Amazon. These particular gloves contain an aloe vera coating, which helps soothe and moisturize your hands. So not only will you keep clean and avoid germs – but you will smell luscious afterwards, too!

Try these secrets to staying clean and keep yourself hygienic. It’ll be no time before friends and family start commenting on how much healthier you are and how much cleaner you look. Who doesn’t love smelling fantastic?