Escape from the daily stress and prevent: The anti-stress yoga DVD from the Brigitte fitness series teaches deep relaxation and letting go for everyone.

Today’s life is often characterized by stress. Many of the professional activities are performed sitting, causing tension in the back and shoulders. In the evening one is not rare even among such power that a healthy sleep is inconceivable. Many have not even learned to breathe healthy so that mind and body to rest deeply relaxed. In the series “Brigitte fitness” now has a new DVD was released under the title “Anti-Stress Yoga”.

8 thematic priorities care of deliberate relaxation

First forwards Patricia Thielemann (the teacher) in the three menu “General”, “pranayama” (breathing) and “meditation” a. After these 8 minutes, the DVD is dedicated to the deep breathing, the pranayama. These exercises control the “prana” (vital energy). Thus the mind is centered, clear and calm, energy blockages are loosened, the breathing is a total free (14 minutes). There are close to 19 minutes of yoga to strengthen the back, shoulders and neck. The training of these muscles relieves tension, improves posture and relieves pain, or they can even disappear completely.


The following Moon Greeting (29 minutes) is a full body warm up. Breath and movement are synchronized here, it addressed abdominal back and leg muscles. 37 minutes exercise for “dropping” delivers the “Moonlight Yoga”. The regeneration of body and mind is stimulated – you will also inexperienced in active recreation. Tensions are annoying in the “gentle Spirit Flow” (48 minutes) and the solution while strengthening key muscle groups. A similar intensive program of 79 minutes is probably more for intermediate to experienced sustained recovery and deep release. Finally, has the 7minütige meditation the opportunity to be still and listen to the breathing.

Design and presentation of lessons

The total of 141 minutes duration are divided into 8 substantive topics. The guidance of a yoga teacher be executed either by its own or together with a student. Sometimes the image but simply calming and meditative subjects such as ocean waves seen. The individual exercises are also backed with relaxing music sequences. The Yoga student can click in at any time to another desired topic.

The yoga teacher is the founder of a private school: Patricia Thielemann

It is among the well-known German yoga teachers. In Berlin, she founded the prestigious “Spirit Yoga”. At the same time, they can look back on many years of experience as a teacher of yoga in the U.S. and throughout Europe. Special features of their style are authenticity, accuracy, clarity, and freethinking. Patricia Thielemann taught yoga interpreted holistically, making the universal power of the exercises individually experienced. The training and meditations are therefore particularly inspiring and relaxing at the same time.