Would you know where to turn to get a hospital bed for your loved one, if you ever needed it? Most people have never considered this question, but here are some criteria that could help you make an informed decision if and when the time ever comes when you need hospital bed rentals.

One of the first things to look for in a mobility rental service is a company that provides one on one service. You want a dedicated representative that will treat you like a family member — someone who treats the situation as seriously as you do. Remember you will likely be in a stressful situation having to care for an incapacitated loved one, so the last thing you need is a company pushing all kinds of services and products you don’t need. A one on one medical consultation will allow the company to assess your situation and will allow you to assess their services.


Another reason to find a trustworthy provider is to be assured that they recognize and understand the severity of the patient’s diagnosis. You need to ask yourself whether this medical setback will last for only a short period of time or whether it will instead be permanent. If the injury or illness will last months or years, buying a hospital bed makes sense, but if, on the other hand, the situation will be short term, a rental makes the most financial sense especially if the patient’s insurance is limited, you’re your family will be fronting most of the bill.

When considering home medical providers, it is best to find a company that has a variety of choices in hospital bed rentals, since every patient is different. Making your loved one as comfortable as possible during their recovery is extremely important. Study after study proves that patients recover best in a familiar environment, so chances are you don’t want to transform your home into something that resembles a hospital — therefore choosing the proper bed can make all the difference in the patient’s emotional health. If your loved one can be kept emotionally happy, they will heal more quickly, after all.

A reputable home medical supplier will tell you that every patient has a right to be treated with dignity and respect in this fragile time of their life. A solid provider will also realize that not only the elderly suffer from mobility issues; many younger people fall prey to crippling injury or disease. Whether the patient is young or old, they most likely feel helpless due to their mobility situation. If your loved one lives in the Miami area, you’ll want to do some research and choose a company that can answer all your questions by phone or in person. Mediplus Mobility is one such company, and they have a variety of payment plans to help you care for your loved one.

Whether you live along the Eastern Seaboard, in the Pacific Northwest, or right in the center of Miami, Florida, free delivery is something your medical care supplier should be able to provide. Make sure that when the hospital bed rental technician arrives, he or she is knowledgeable and forthcoming about the setup and upkeep of your delivered equipment. Luckily, Mediplus Mobility offers free home delivery at a time of your choosing and employs only the most knowledgeable staff.

No family can be fully prepared for an accident or injury that causes the need for medical equipment to be placed in their home, but proper research and due diligence will help you locate the best hospital bed rental options in your town. If the situation ever arises you will be relieved when your mobility provider is fully focused on your loved ones needs.