Modern science provided us with wonderful solutions which we use to treat everyday problems. Entire pharmaceutical industry is progressing and giving us new, more naturally ways of healing ourselves and modifying our appearance. This is especially true for aesthetic procedures. This branch of medicine has progressed immensely in last twenty years. Nowadays, when visiting medical center, patients are no longer willing to subject themselves to painful and invasive procedures such as plastic surgery. Instead, they are opting for treatments such as botox or medical fillers. By implementing these treatments, individuals are able to counter aging process and retain youthful looks.

Deep Wrinkles

Among many different types of medical fillers, hyaluronic fillers such as Perlane are the most popular. They are made from pure, crystal hyaluronic acid. This acid is pretty safe and natural substance which is also present in our body. More than half of it is placed within our skin. It is a substance in a form of gel which is used to support collagen fibers and other skin components. Hyaluronic acid is absorbed over the course of time, meaning that the effects are only temporary. When we inject Perlane, we are basically supplementing amounts of hyaluronic acid present within the skin. So, fillers are in fact hyaluronic acid in a form of gel which is injected into the skin. In that regard, this treatment is actually process of supplementing natural matters which the body lost due to aging.

Perlane from Medica Depot is the best solution for all those people who wish to remove fine lines and deep wrinkles from their face and don’t want to undergo a surgical procedure in order to accomplish that. This is the right choice for all men and women who are willing to resist aging. This drug allows people to get youthful and natural looks and this is precisely why it is so popular all over the world. At the same time, Perlane and similar products can be used to reduce scars on skin by replenishing damaged collagen stricture bellow the skin. This medicine can be used for different types of skin.

The drug is administered directly into the skin, in small dosages, by using thin needles. Before the treatment, doctor needs to perform routine examination in order to establish whether you are allergic to drug and which parts of the body you wish to rejuvenate. The process is really fast; it lasts for about twenty minutes. Local anesthesia can be administered although it is not necessary. As previously mentioned, drug has temporary effect (about six months). After that, additional shots are required in order to restore it. However, each additional shot prolongs the duration of hyaluronic acid in organism.

Similarly to any other medical procedure, there are certain side effects that may befall the person. Most common issues are bruising, bleeding, pain, itching, soreness and swelling. All of those are caused by bad stimulation of skin tissue. In case of any severe side effects after use of Perlane, it is necessary to consult your doctor and take all the precautionary measure.