Low blood pressure is considered a possibility with warm but with a more appropriate and a few helpful tips to remedy a condition easily remedied. From the good habits to the rules of life until the supply correct, here are the useful remedies for low blood pressure complicit hot summer temperatures, fall below danger levels.

Low blood pressure, symptoms

When the blood pressure is lowered too appear other symptoms, such as weakness, fatigue, dizziness, lightheartedness, fainting and, in severe cases, shock. What about the heat? High temperatures play a role should not be underestimated: in fact, hypotension is more common in hot weather, especially because of the levels, as high, saturating humidity of the air. Environments of heat, cold down to vasodilation in place, the body is of a general warming. In this way, the body can pouring a peak pressure level, in doing so, and tried to diffuse the heat.


The remedies useful

The low pressure is an eventuality completely normal when it is hot, so it should not cause too much concern. Among the remedies of the emergency room do it yourself, here are the ones to put into practice to relieve the symptoms: lie down, raise your legs to encourage blood flow to the heart, and drink a glass of water. A little trick last minute: put under the tongue a few grains of salt big.

Drink a glass of water, because the hydration is crucial. In fact, increase the flow of liquid in the circulation facilitates the rise of arterial pressure. Especially when it’s hot, moisturize thoroughly and consistently the body is essential. The other tricks in the summer, anti-hypotension in: avoid up suddenly; Without covering your head with a hat or regular bathing, especially in the middle of the day, do not lie down in the sun too long.

It can prove to be valuable allies against hypotension that some foods to avoid feeding, however, is probably the worst cook and salt, fat and calorie-laden as equally important to include a very heavy meal, prolonged fasting is a must-do situation.