Sos dress rehearsal in the short term: run for cover with simple remedies from the minimum of effort.

When you work the holidays seem to never arrive, but if we think of the dress rehearsal and the clock is ticking inexorably incredibly! right is not always the duty and the orange peel sometimes gets the better about our beauty treatments. To give a last gasp, eliminate water retention and make your skin smoother and firmer, follow these quick remedies. ‘s hot for sport, but a dip in the pool is always refreshing. Take advantage of the courses acquaint outdoors or learn the water aerobics DIY, so as to make movement in the water, which makes you sweat, massage and smoothed the skin. You can also prepare your skin to the sun before the full immersion holiday.


Drink plenty of water to cleanse the skin sweating and eliminating toxins and excess water retention. If you need to take some food supplement that promotes diuresis and blood microcirculation, especially useful for the legs, which in the heat often swell and become heavy. Begin a homeopathic anti-cellulite treatment, which can not do miracles overnight, but it will surely give a excellent natural contribution, especially when combined with other remedies. Find out which preparation is most suitable for you and start right away on the first cycle. During the summer choose a diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables and low in carbohydrates and sugars.

You can follow a diet anti-swelling to eliminate the “feel balloon” from the belly and the rest of the body, or a fresh watermelon diet, low calorie summer fruit and plenty of water. Remember that crash diets are to be followed for short periods and not for long. If you have time, take to the appointment with the draining massages, which also fight the annoying, sometimes painful, accumulation of excess fluid in the legs and buttocks. course lounging on the couch in front of the fan will not help your desire to be in shape, but as you can see these last-minute remedies require a minimum of effort, we seek to overcome laziness!