Hot too? Afa and soaring temperatures cause fatigue and exhaustion, ruin sleep and make daily life less simple than expected? Here are a few remedies useful against heat and fatigue, to control sleepiness and insomnia, trouble and inconvenience. You do not need miracles or medicines, magic formulas or scientific findings, but a little patience and common sense.


The diet anti-hot

Excessive heat, the rate of accomplices humidity high and the heat, is likely to be an enemy of well-being, as well as sleep and rest. It causes bouts of fatigue and sleepiness, is “gasp” and slow down the pace of each action. persons most at risk? The elderly, children and women during pregnancy, suffering the repercussions of temperatures elevated in a more obvious and annoying. To address this problem, the first ally is the diet : a power light, with small, frequent meals made ​​with lots of fruit and vegetables can really be helpful; in particular, the green light to the plants, season, full of water, vitamins and minerals, such as watermelon and cantaloupe, peaches and apricots, cucumbers and salad. Green light foods low in calories and rich in beneficial substances, then. A ban decided, instead, to cooking too loaded with toppings such as fried food, processed and high calorie dishes, the alcohol and spirits, the coffee and sugary drinks, which are likely to worsen the negative effects of the heat. All drinks also should not be consumed neither too hot nor too cold.

Good habits

Good habits of life, as to avoid the smoke to that of choosing the clothing ideal, may be some good habits when the enemy to beat or learn to live with which is the sultry heat. Better to choose light-colored clothing, fabrics and natural light, breathable, such as linen and cotton, for example. Avoid synthetics, heavy and do not allow the transpiration of the skin, increased sweating, and raising the risk of dehydration.