Here are the top followed by cold and sneezing runny nose and sore throat inevitably peep. How can we defend ourselves from all this? For example, making use of antibiotics all-natural, offered directly by Mother Nature.

Sudden changes in the outside temperature, days that start with the fog and the cold air and then maybe at the end of the morning, after school or in the office, we are sweating for a sun albeit lukewarm, but unexpected. The upper respiratory tract do not derive some benefit and harm so their signs with sore throat and sneezing caused by bacteria or virus attacks. Here are some of the major natural antibiotics to keep in mind and use on a daily basis to prevent or treat these annoying troubles of the season. Ginger The ginger is a plant capable of acting against common ailments, such as colds. Thanks to the mucilage and various active ingredients in it concentrates the action takes place directly on the airways and bronchial level.


Try to prepare a simple infused with this spice, putting a teaspoon in water (to boil) sweetened with honey or brown sugar . If you love teas rich in flavor you can freely add to taste even one or two cloves or even a hint of cinnamon . garlic L ‘ garlic , small bulb, great in its infinite virtues, including antiviral and anti fungal and warmer. Use it then be in power, to flavor roasts and meat, but also for quite a simple dish of spaghetti with garlic, oil and chilli, perfect in the fall! Rich in several minerals, among which potassium and perhaps the least known germanium, both have the peculiarity to fortify muscle tone. As for the immune system leans to its great number in Alicia . Sure its flavor may not be pleasing to everyone, but reflect on the fact that those who use it in a newspaper, it is difficult to get sick in the winter! Green Tea The green tea has endless property, which has not yet fully known, so it is always under the magnifying glass of scholars.

Among the best known are the antioxidant , linked to the presence of catechins, which go to hinder the most “obnoxious” strains of bacteria, the most common cause of colds, and are in this way to increase the defenses of the cellular tissue. A little tip is to avoid drinking it “English”, or with milk, because this version will cancel the effects of antioxidants! Olive Plant rich in symbols, but also beneficial effects on our health, just think of all ‘ extract of olive leaf , which has both anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effect, as antagonist of the notorious free radicals .