In order not to suffer the machine and make trips serene, prevent with gentle care.

The holidays are approaching and for many people who are traveling by car or by public transport starts a real nightmare. In fact, many, and not just children, to suffer from motion sickness or motion sickness , ie sickness . This disorder is caused by the movement, but there are some natural remedies for spoils departure! The motion caused by traveling by car and ship, but also with other means of transport is called motion sickness and is caused by excessive wear and tear of the structures of ‘ear that regulate balance.

The symptoms are varied: malaise, sweating, anxiety, dizziness, increased salivation and nausea that can also encourage vomiting. These disorders often disappear at the end of the trip, but left a sense of dizziness and confusion. Prior to the trip the most widely used natural remedy against motion sickness is ginger, also known as ginger has always been known as the secret of the sailor and is a valuable aid because it decreases the symptoms of motion sickness. The root fresh or dried, commonly used in cooking to flavor, is also in the form of candy, gum and crystals that need to be taken half an hour before the trip, and then later, as needed.


Another good remedy is the lichen Iceland : adults can make use of this drug to the mother tincture, 30 drops in putting two fingers of water to drink before you go and if necessary even during the journey. Mal drive in children The lichen of Ireland may also be used in the form of decoction by boiling a tablespoon of leaves in a cup of water for 15 minutes. The infusion is then strained and drunk before departure and is also suitable for younger children. Another very suitable infusion is made ​​from mint leaves mixed with the lemon balm: in addition to being effective like very much to his taste. Oils Essential Another way to combat the symptoms caused by motion sickness is to use essential oils put on a handkerchief and inhaled before and during the journey.

Among these are the best ones are eucalyptus and lemon. Important information These remedies are suitable for all the people: in children and in pregnant women, however, we must avoid the mother tinctures of lichen of Iceland and ginger. In any case, even for natural remedies is always good to ask your doctor or pharmacist. Suggestions To minimize the symptoms of motion sickness, in addition to the use of these remedies is also good to put in place some measures.

* Travel at night to reduce external stimuli;
* Ensure the exchange of air in the car;
* Eat a light meal before leaving;
* Turn your face in front of him;
* Train sit facing the direction of travel;
* In plane choose seats close to the wings.