If the batteries are empty, does not always produces a spa vacation. From relaxing on the sofa, heat and massage.

With the phrase “I was never stressed” it is similar to saying “I do not like chocolate” from the mouth of a woman: The truth is low. And because of that, the owner of Celebrate Wellness Clubs, oases and spa temples boom years. But relaxation is not always draining your wallet and take place outside the four walls. Many techniques can be successfully applied to one’s own couch, a couple or alone.

The beneficial effects of heat

It sounds absolutely banal and yet heat is probably the oldest of all the means to gain a bit of relaxation and wellbeing. The possibilities are endless: Who wants to sweat properly, will probably opt for a sauna or steam bath. The romantic Assessed consists rather with a cuddly blanket and a good book in front of the fireplace, and others lie down with a glass of wine and classical music in the bathtub. Who among all these possibilities but rather think of Admission, the death of the forests and the water bill should be easy access to a heating pad (or hot water bottle) and place it in the neck. The whole body should be relaxed or sitting but at least. And if the breath slowly calmed, close your eyes and respects solely on the feeling of spreading heat. Shoulders and neck muscles then unblock all by itself and who still can not block out the memory of the daily stress can that would bring a little music with the mind to other thoughts.


Relaxing head massages

Massages will indeed cause especially the relaxation of the muscles, the pleasant feeling of increasing relaxant but can also come to mind to rest. Back and neck massages are the most common type, but also head massages are very well suited to be come your stress into oblivion. It is especially nice if the male or female partner massaged, but it can also pamper yourself each with a head massage. It is important only that the massaging hands from outside to inside and wander from front to back, because that has the best effect. Around the neck muscles but not to stress too much and to torpedo the pleasant effect of the massage, should above all self-massage therapists put her head on a thick cushion and lean your elbows next to it. Now let all the muscles loose, close your eyes and los massage. And if in addition a heat pad is located in the neck, the relaxation is perfect.