The warm, after sporadic appearances, arrived really. The Recommended summer feeding program, to better deal with the hot temperatures and sultry the next few weeks? Because, you know by now, the diet, if selected, calibrated and carefully modulated, it can prove an invaluable ally to control the heat and avoid failure related to excessive sweating.

The first anti-hero in eating habits is the hot water. Essential to ensure proper hydration throughout the body and to provide the right amount of minerals to the body.

The drinking water, first of all, with at least a liter and a half to consume each day (the amount increases in direct proportion to the outside temperature and sweating). But even the water from “eating” green light in the summer, all the water-rich foods, such as fruits and vegetables, for example.

Excellent, both for the line and for the health summer, all plants rich in water, such as watermelon or melon, salad, cucumbers or tomatoes. Salads, vegetables and fruit, lunch or dinner, and smoothies, perhaps with the addition of low-fat yogurt as snacks, thirst quenching and refreshing.


Fruits and vegetables are the master perfect feeding in the summer, but can not be the sun. In addition, they are preferable to those of the refined grains, white meat to red and white fish to the more fat. In fact, a good rule in the summer involves cutting the calories and fat ingested introduced through the diet.

By also limiting alcohol and calorie cooking, such as frying, as well as the toppings loads of animal fats.

Why all these hardships? Because fats, cooking and calorie dishes risk burdening not only the shape, but also and especially the gastrointestinal tract, slowing digestion.

No to soft drinks and full of sugars, sweets too elaborate to be replaced, preferably with fresh juices, fruit salads, sorbets and fruit ice cream. Do not overdo it with milk, but to those who like them, you can replace the aged cheeses with fresh ones and lighter, like cottage cheese or growth.

Even the sausages go into the list of foods to reduce hot temperatures in the presence of: better leaner meats, such as dried beef, to be combined, perhaps, for a full meal with a healthy dose of vegetables.