They are small, intense flavor and give a delicious freshness to our salads. If you also adore radishes and turnips are in luck. Your health and your body will thank you. There are many types of radishes. They can be white, red, purple, black or green remember that the Japanese wasabi is extracted from a type of spicy radish. As a curiosity, we can tell you that the oil obtained from the seeds of radish is also very healthy. It is used in various related skin problems, such as the products.


Radishes care of your liver

Radishes are very healthy for our liver health. They are detoxifying and purifying the blood of toxins and waste. Discover this smoothie homemade celery and apple slimming. Patients suffering from jaundice, for example, you can see benefit from regular to control and reduce the bilirubin level consumption. Radishes also protect our red blood cells in order to favor the transport of oxygen in blood.

Overactive bladder

Urine infection, as we know, is very common in women. Something as simple as including radishes regularly in our salads we could protect this common problem, however. They also act as antibacterial great, great to fight infections and kidney care. One way to prevent urinary tract infections is to take this natural juice-based radishes twice a week.

The first thing we will do is thoroughly wash the radishes and strawberries. Then, we get orange juice. Finally, you just need to liquefy well radishes and strawberries to combine it all with a glass of water and natural orange juice. It is a liquefied intense flavor -something spicy- but ideal for taking care of our urinary tract.

Radishes promote weight loss

Radishes are great for any diet that aims to lose weight with health. It is a low root in carbohydrates but rich in fiber, vitamin C, potassium calcium and magnesium. Nutrition experts recommend eating radishes for its virtues when it comes to promoting weight loss by taking care of our metabolism transform fat into energy.

Radishes and care of our heart

Radishes are a great source of anthocyanins, a type of flavonoids that give its tone and care for our cardiovascular health. The anthocyanins are the exceptional quality of care for our veins and arteries. Prevent hardening and inflammation. The consumption of all kinds of fruits and vegetables red or blue color will give us a good level such as healthy flavonoids.

Reduce your blood pressure

This result gives us a very interesting natural source of potassium. As we know, this mineral is essential in our body to regulate blood pressure. It also allows us to improve blood flow, while promoting proper distribution throughout the body. As you know, the taste of these shakes based radishes is a little intense. However, the effect you will notice is as nice as healthy. The first thing we do is wash the radishes well both as carrots. Remember that you will be better looking plants, fruits and vegetables organically grown. Once clean, pass them through a blender to get the juice. Then all you have to combine with the glass of water.

They take care of the health of your skin

Both vitamins C, such as phosphorus, zinc and B vitamins present in radishes help us take care of the skin. In addition, the water of radishes resulting from cooking also helps to maintain proper moisture levels of the dermis. As a curiosity, we can tell you that some people raw radish is applied as facial cleanser. We cannot forget that many beauty industries use radishes to treat skin problems, given its disinfectant virtues.

Strengthen your immune system

As you can see, there are many reasons why radishes are essential in a healthy diet. However, one of the most important is its power to strengthen our immune system. They are incredibly rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that strengthen our defenses and “health” of our white blood cells. Radishes not only strengthen the immune system but that regulates our metabolism, promote collagen synthesis and provide us with a type of essential protein that protects us from atherosclerosis.