It came the raw diet, also managed to navigate the oceans and seas up to lead us here in Italy.

The raw diet is a diet at all the effects of mold vegetarian, which provides an almost obsessive rigidity in the choices of food, the elimination of animal protein, so forget meat, fish and the like! Choosing the base is to eat raw food, which should not be cooked. But while many have approached the Italian raw food, raw food, and introducing sushi, in this case the choice is raw food / vegetarian. few celebrities hosannas as the perfect diet, I’m supporters such as Demi Moore, Robin Williams and Bryan Adams, but what’s different from the others? Surely it is different from the Dukan, in one aspect is even more demanding and once again not suitable for everyone and especially not recommended if followed autonomously, without the support of a specialized figure like a doctor, a dietician and a nutritionist.


It is an unbalanced diet, with the peculiarity of giving away free, without any control to tons of fruits and vegetables, but only and only raw. This is not a crisp diet, but a diet one-way, with a great risk of being too monotonous, and for this cause a health hazard. We are not recommended in this diet so-called white foods: bread, pasta, flour and derivatives kind. Example of raw diet .

* 2 glasses of water before breakfast
* Breakfast : 200 ml of centrifuged carrots with 1 teaspoon of honey whole virgin, a green tea, or a citrus juice or alternatively centrifuged for green fruit.
* Lunch: 1 spun a selection of seasonal vegetables, fruit in season, 300g of mixed raw vegetables, seasoned with salad with juice of lemon, 2 glasses of mineral water.
* Dinner: cold cream raw vegetable puree with the yogurt thin, with the addition of parsley, lemon juice, 300g of boiled vegetables with 1 teaspoon d oil and 2 cups of water.

Lose weight by magic?

Lose weight with raw diet is a magic? Of course not! And the fruit of a kind of extreme regime, which inexorably leads to weight loss and undoubtedly forced.