An electric car is a great help to many seniors, but not everyone can afford. In certain cases, the insurance costs.

The scooter is for older people who are restricted in their movement, or impaired mobility, daily life, a practical and often indispensable tool. Especially seniors who do not live in a nursing home, but in their own homes, but only move with difficulty, it offers a bit of freedom. With the vehicle, they can easily reach nearby supermarkets and shops and no longer have to rely on emergency services and relatives, the shopping for them or make them go to the doctor or to friends. Not every senior / senior citizen, however, has any money to get an electric car, which can cost between 850 € and 7000 €, in increasing. In certain cases, does the statutory health insurance (SHI) some of the costs, sometimes in full but only if the vehicle is not traveling faster than six kilometers / hour. Detailed information about members of the SHI receive from their health insurance.

When does the statutory health insurance costs for an electric car?

The electric vehicle, the special form of an electric wheelchair, it is recognized as a resource and shall be eligible. For that, a corresponding decree of doctor is needed. Must emerge from this that the patient needs according to his mobility problems or limited mobility an electric car as an aid. Together with the Regulation (as it were, the “recipe”) is now an application for reimbursement or funding for their health insurance or the social services are provided.


Are required for the scooter driver’s license and insurance?

A driving license is not required to drive the electric mobiles. Insurance is only required if the vehicle has a top speed of six kilometers / hour has. In general, however, electric cars insured in the liability insurance or can be incorporated into this at no additional cost. If the maximum speed of six kilometers / hour, a motor vehicle liability insurance required as proof of this and an insurance plate, which are the electric car (similar to a moped) must be attached.

What types of scooter it?

There are various types of electric cars in three or four wheels, the drive between three and 12 kilometers / hour, depending on the engine, have different ranges. Some models can be folded up, others can be broken down partially. There are also differences in seat comfort and cushioning. The larger, more convenient and faster the scooter is, however, the higher is the price.