Purify the liver is of course very important. In fact, we must not forget that this organ plays an essential role in the metabolism . Through it pass all the substances we put in the body, toxins and also components of drugs. To contribute to our overall well-being, it is essential to follow a special power that can be especially abundant in fruits and vegetables, foods critical to detox, to feel more fit and lighter, relying on a proper functioning of the internal processes. But what we have to eat specifically? Here are some ideas.

1. Green leafy vegetables

The green leafy vegetables are a staple food. In fact they have some very interesting properties, because they are able to increase the level of chlorophyll present in the digestive tract and in this way help the body get rid of toxins that come from the environment, especially those linked to smog. We also must not forget that these vegetables are not fattening, so they are ideal for those who follow a low-calorie diet .


2. Grapefruit

Regarding the fruit, the preferred definitely the grapefruit , which abounds in vitamin C and antioxidants . Specifically this fruit, especially if we drink the juice, is able to increase the production of enzymes that determine the liver detoxification . The grapefruit proved to be important in cases of lack of appetite and essential oils contained in its peel fail to put in place an antidepressant action.

3. Avocado

If we consume the avocado, our body is able to produce glutathione. It is an amino acid that plays an antioxidant and therefore is able to counter the free radicals. All this is certainly the benefit of the health of the liver . Among other things, this fruit is rich in vegetable fats . The latter can reduce time spent in the blood of cholesterol and thus is affected in a positive way the entire cardiovascular system.

4. Artichokes

The artichokes allow the proper functioning of the gallbladder . And ‘remember that, being rich in cynarin, are able to stimulate the bile in his functional process, encouraging proper digestion and avoiding incurring in indigestion.

5. Whole grains

The grains should be included in any diet. In fact, they are not only important for purifying the liver, but constitute a reference point in the food field. In particular guarantee the bowel regularity , due to their high fiber content. Eliminating the problem of constipation, we can definitely feel freer and less burdened by toxins.

6. Lemons

Lemon juice can stimulate the liver . The vitamin C contributes to transform the toxic substances of our organism in other compounds, which can be easily absorbed by water, and then be eliminated.

7. Broccoli and cauliflower

The broccoli and cauliflower allow a considerable contribution of natural enzymes, which have the function of helping to get rid of carcinogenic toxins and in this way reduce the risk of incurring in tumors. Broccoli are evident properties of mucilage, which allow you to fight ulcerative colitis. Chlorophyll helps produce hemoglobin and contrast the various forms of anemia .

8. Asparagus

The asparagus are rich in amino acids and minerals. Prove important to protect the liver, especially when one is exposed to excessive alcohol consumption. Their healing properties are explained in relation to the heart and nervous system.

9. Extra virgin olive oil

The extra virgin olive oil is able to make a lipid base, through which some toxins are incorporated into the body, making sure that they do not feel their damaging action against the liver.

10. Green Tea

Drinking green tea is a choice which has proven successful for prosperity. In addition to melt fat, tea allows you to make faster the activity of the liver and thus to more rapidly enzymes that carry out the process of detoxification .