More than a definitive choice, an effective choice to delay the problem and reduce the hair removal with intense Pulsed light hair removal does not guarantee the elimination forever, once and for all, of unwanted hair, but it ensures to reduce, session after session, the regrowth. It is one of the most innovative techniques of the genre, here is how the epilation pulsed light through, what are the risks and possible side effects, the benefits and possible contraindications .

How does it work?

Recommended to eliminate, or at least reduce, the annoying problem of unwanted hair in every part of the body, the hair removal treatment with the pulsed light is suitable for the legs , for the area bikini , but also for the face . What is? The epilation using pulsed light provides the selective destruction of hair follicles through the energy that is converted into heat.


Matter of heat , therefore, but without risk to the skin, the skin surrounding, when you “attach” a hair, does not suffer any damage because the sophisticated equipment used for processing allow to differentiate between the temperature sensed by the skin and the emitted when you reach the hair bulb. Before starting the session, the operator applies a special gel, which, in addition to acting as a conductor, it also protects the skin from the energy emitted. Prepare the area to be treated, the experienced operator, through a special hand piece, issue a regular pulses of light to the treatment area. Some hairs will fall during the session, others will fall within a few days.

Risks, indications and contraindications

Each session has a duration varying from fifteen to thirty minutes depending on the area to be treated. Usually the seats necessary ranging from three to ten, for larger areas, to be made ​​on a monthly basis. Among the contraindications, the sun : it is recommended to avoid exposure to the sun during the week after treatment, and for this reason, it is preferable to undergo treatment for hair removal with intense pulsed light during the winter months, when the tan is still far away.

The costs vary depending on the extent of the area and density of unwanted hair. The average price per session ranges from 70 Euros required for smaller areas, such as the eyebrows, for example, up to over 400 for the legs. There are real risks or side effects, compared to other methods of hair removal unpleasant incidents such as irritation or ingrown hairs, for example, are not to be contemplated. It is best, however, to stress that choosing the IPL does not guarantee to say goodbye forever to the problem of unwanted hair. Regrowth, however, clearly decreases, up to 80 to 90%.