The Eyecare Commission warns, with the blazing sun is a must to protect your eyes from UV rays.

60% wear them regularly, but only 52% think they are “essential to protect the eyes from damage that can cause the sun.” 30% instead of not using them hardly ever (or never!) And 18% rarely. Children and the elderly, finally, as being most at risk: only 11% of young and 10% of those over 55 have the habit of wearing sunglass lenses. Are the data that emerged from a recent study of Eye care Commission, an organization created in 1972 with the aim of informing properly on topics related to eye health. So, not only a fashion accessory or must-have trend : the glasses have an important role also for health. Emphasize Professor Francesco Loperfido, the Commission’s consultant and Head of the Department of Ophthalmology San Raffaele Hospital in Milan: “With ‘ arrival of summer becomes even more important to protect their eyes with sunglasses quality, which must absolutely not be a habit, but a real instrument protection against damage to the eyes. ”


The enemies of the eyes

There are many enemies that threaten the health of our sight. ” The intense light, rich in UV rays, the glare on the water, but even the wind and the sand can put at risk the health of the eyes of adults, children and elderly, “says the expert. “The eyes are delicate structures, which require adequate protection throughout the course of the year, especially when the radiation is more intense and the more time you spend outdoors, with increased exposure to light, UV light, wind, sand, salt water or high chlorine content. The damage from UV are more intense depending on the height of the sun. Increase with altitude, also pass through the clouds and have intensified the effect of reflective snow, water and sand. ” Risks: short-and long-term.

You belong to that 48% of the population that believes sunglasses an option? “Maybe you’d better recreate” suggests Loperfido. “An exposure of unprotected eyes can cause reactions in the short term as photo-sensitivity, transient irritation and redness (conjunctivitis, corneal burns, strong tearing, photosensitive that is a burn of the ocular surface). In the long term damage can be even more severe, causing cataracts and macular, real injury to the retina that can be fostered by exposure to sunlight. ” For the little ones.

Children and adolescents, then, must be protected more than others because up to 15 years their eyes and their skin is particularly delicate. You must wear glasses, hat and T-shirt. Indeed, the children below one year of age should never be exposed to direct sunlight. Their ocular tissue, in fact, is structured in such a way as to allow a greater penetration of the light and the filtering power is much lower than that of adults.

The unawareness age leads very often small to have a look rather prolonged towards the sun, in this case the possibility of direct damage to the retina can become an unpleasant reality. We must not forget that when the sun is at peak, then around noon, the lens of our eye – if you look directly at the sun – brings together directly the sun’s rays to the central area of ​​the retina, acting as a laser. All these reasons lead, in terms of prevention, to equip children not only a good pair of sunglasses, but also cap with a visor.

What glasses?

Protect our eyes with sunglasses has become a healthy habit exactly like putting sunscreen on the skin. For this it is essential to wear a pair of sunglasses quality . Contact for purchase at the specialized personnel of the optical centers is a form of wisdom and a guarantee of quality. And if we are not sure which type of glasses to choose, here’s the solution: Eye care Commission – with the support of the Ministry of Health and with the collaboration of Unipro – has created an application for mobile phones, “Sun Man” , with the ‘aim to give useful advice to protect your eyes.

Just a few simple clicks and according to your skin type (color hair, eyes and complexion) and the place where you are recommended which filter to use for both glasses for both creams protective. some general rule? First of all, the frame must be well attached to the root of the nose , large (above the eyebrow, a little ‘arched), to wear even in the shade , because the sun’s rays, in particular conditions of incidence on some surfaces, such as sand or other reflective surfaces, are harmful even if filtered. Absolutely prohibited sunglasses sold at the beach, in the markets and stalls (often counterfeit models of well-known brand) because they are not able to ensure proper and effective protection from the sun.

A special initiative is called # hashtag lavista and is a so cute and creative way to spread the culture of prevention. May be attended by all the liker that until September 24 , will go through to the Facebook page of the Commission Eye care, fill out a form and create a hash-tag inspired by the world of sight and glasses. Users will be chosen the most imaginative and creative – the ones that best interpret the mission of CDV (or protect your eyes always!) – That will receive a free pair of sunglasses, one per week for 8 weeks.