Probiotics foods are bacteria of the same type as those present in our intestines and forming the natural flora “good” intestinal. Precisely for their positive effects, are often added to foods during the production process.

The word probiotic is derived from the Latin pro = in favor of the greek bios = life , are in fact living organisms administered in adequate amounts which are beneficial to health. These are bacteria, which live in the intestines and are also used to enrich some foods or food supplements form. Foods probiotics belong to the category of functional foods and products containing small amounts of these bacteria alive and active in able to reach the intestine, multiply and balance the intestinal flora Usually it is food and dairy yogurt (more or less fluid), but on the market there are also added vegetables such as artichokes and olives.


The foods for our intestine

order for foods with probiotics do effect, must be alive when they reach the intestine, therefore the products are always conservation in the refrigerator and never heated. bacteria die over 40 °, then, for example, the fermented milk can be used to prepare a cold cream or ice cream and not a plum-cake that bakes in the oven. Moreover, yogurt, milk and dairy products should be consumed by the date indicated on the package: more time passes, the more you reduce the bacterial viability. supplements containing probiotics also exist for those who do not like dairy products. When you consume these foods?

Probiotic foods can be eaten more regularly and because they are not medicines but help to feel good, to strengthen the intestinal flora that may be threatened by an unbalanced diet, drugs or stress. In addition, bacilli and improve digestion, absorption of calcium, awaken the lazy bowel, contrast the bloating, colitis and infections, including candida and cystitis.

Then, when you are on a course of antibiotics or vaccinations need to do, you can also take probiotic supplements with the, in this case you have to start taking them on the last day of the treatment cycle, otherwise they would be killed first, and continue for a week . If you have commitments stressful or vaccinations, you can instead play in advance, using supplements a week before the event and for a week afterwards. Unlike probiotic foods, the prebiotics are not bacteria, but they also act on the good intestinal flora, present in the gut and strengthen. The most well known is the precognition insulin present in many plant (l ‘garlic is richer), but in very small quantities. So often this substance is extracted and used to enrich foods.