If you hear someone cough, begin to cough and the same? Your girlfriend has a cold and sore throat and a few hours later, felt itself a scratchy throat? Then it is time for you to strengthen your immune system, the next cold days are not far away and viruses and bacteria have an easy time again .

The cold season is approaching in great strides for our body and begin again the critical time. The body tries to defend themselves against the cold, and this takes energy. Every person suffers an average of between 120 to 200 times during his life on a common cold. Although one can not protect against every cold that would be illusory, however, may be some help to train his immune system:



¤Eat a vitamin-rich, and you try to fast food to go out of the way.
¤Harden your body with cold water from showers or bill of exchange.
¤Avoid too much stress and try to get by using relaxation techniques like yoga or tai chi to rest.
¤Make sure that your mucous membranes are moist always nice, because only moist mucous membranes can defend themselves against viruses. Therefore, often cool day of airing, permanently tilted too much from the room window.
¤You can prepare with the help of homeopathy or other herbal remedies your body to the cold season, and so stimulate self-healing powers. Especially with Echinacea extracts or preparations Cape Pelargonium well suited for this purpose.
¤Warm feet prevent the mucous membranes and respiratory system may be poor circulation. Therefore, always wear thick socks or often times take a warm foot bath.
¤Also sauna sessions once a week to harden the body.
¤Make a mental balance. Too much work and not have problems rolling the body over time. Grouchy sick more often than cheerful natures of colds.

If it is already happening

If you have already contracted a cold, then there are a few tips to help you quickly back on his feet:

¤Stay in bed and cure yourself from. Even if you think you are not dispensable in the work that health comes first.
¤Drink now increasingly tea, mineral water and juices with vitamin C. The body is more grateful for every gallon he gets.
¤For coughs and colds, it can be useful at night when you go to bed, rub the chest with a thick cream essential. The essential oils stimulate the circulation and also make sure that you can breathe better through your nose.
¤Keep your room humid climate, you can take this humidifier or just make a bowl of water to the heater.
¤Use clean tissues to the nose, the most softest, you may have. Due to the frequent brushing is the rough skin around the nose and it hurts also. Throw the tissue away after one use.

An old proverb says: “A cold lasts for the treatment of antibiotics or other medications seven days without treatment a week.”